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Hhow-AI-Chatbots-can-save-time-and-help-users-wit- simple-online-issues-better-than-human-chat
How AI Chatbots can save time and help users with simple online issues better than human chat
November 13, 2017

Artificial intelligence is expected to usher in major improvements in operational efficiency and cost savings for businesses. An Oracle study demonstrates…

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With Live Help On Your Site-01-01
Get Closer With Your Online Customers With Live Help On Your Site
October 10, 2017

Whether it be a purchasing online or sorting out issues, customers are looking for a hassle-free and smooth experience when they…

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Successful Online Businesses
Following The 3 seconds Rule Is Key for Successful Online Businesses
October 10, 2017

Retaining the attention of a customer online has always been a top priority for ecommerce/ online sales companies. Over the years,…

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Co-browsing Insurance Companies-01
With Co-browsing Insurance Companies Can Transform Sales Productivity
October 4, 2017

For insurance companies, there has been a sea change in how business gets done today. Customers are increasingly shifting to online…

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Companies lose due to poor customer handling
Companies Can Lose Customers from Poor Service
August 30, 2017

Customers today are more than ever in the driving seat. With the power of digital media, they have become more informed…

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Why bots are not enough to drive your company customer support
Why bots are not enough to drive your company customer support
August 26, 2017

Chat bots are most likely to drive your customers away The newest hype sweeping across the customer service field is the…

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Where does prompt online live help fit in the sales funnel?
August 20, 2017

With just a click of a button, customers are today able to gather information, compare features between different products and make…

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Why Live Help is essential for Mobile Banking solutions?
August 3, 2017

For banking customers, no doubt the mobile phone has added an additional layer of convenience. With advantages like instant connectivity, ready…

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Banking Sector 2017 Customers to take more control of their financial re...
Banking Sector 2017: Customers to take more control of their financial relationships
July 27, 2017

The Banking industry will continue seeing in 2017 the rising trend of customers taking a more active role in managing their…

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Why is WebRTC the Futuristic Customer Support?
February 19, 2017

Web Real Time Communication (webRTC) has been hailed as the future of customer service by industry experts. Supported by tech majors…

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