Through a single click, our platform allows companies to create 1-on-1 video chat environments with their customers. EazyShow is an efficient solution to enhance your customer service capabilities while maintaining social distancing measures and guidelines.

EazyShow’s simple solution provides companies with a unique call-in URL for their website as well as the opportunity to send the URL directly to clients through whichever chat platforms already in use.

EazyShow is rich in features that include:

  • Mobile Video Chat– The agent can carry out a video chat conversation with a mobile customer.
  • Camera switching support – Both smartphone’s front and rear cameras can be used as needed.
  • Management Dashboard – Agents can collectively receive and provide solutions for incoming calls through a mutual dashboard.

Customer showing agent their issue and receiving real-time guidance.

EazyShow can be used in various flows. For example, in live chat, a text chat can be used to lead to an EazyShow session, or through your dedicated “Contact Us” webpage, where embedding a call button can allow customers to video-connect with your agents through a single click.

The need for video chat solutions is applicable in various use cases. For example, it can be used in healthcare to allow practicians to triage their patients remotely, significantly reducing the amount of in-person medical evaluations needed. It can also be used in the field by engineers or customers that want to show a real-life object, such as a malfunctioning device, so they can receive guidance in troubleshooting the issue.

For best user experience it is helpful that customers use recent smartphone with a stable cellular or WiFi connection.  The agent requirements are also minimal including a standard desktop or laptop computer with a broadband internet connection.

The operation of the solution is simple and requires minimal training.

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