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Why is WebRTC the Futuristic Customer Support?
February 19, 2017

Web Real Time Communication (webRTC) has been hailed as the future of customer service by industry experts. Supported by tech majors…

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Meet the fintech challenge with real time engagement tools
December 8, 2016

A company, business and any organization of this sort has its success dependent on the people it deals with. If the…

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Guide your prospects correctly with Real-time tools to sell better
November 13, 2016

The enormous complexity involved in buying a car makes it an overwhelming task for many of us. Researching for all relevant…

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How a good customer service always has your business back
September 9, 2016

Great product, good prices, appealing website – these are well-accepted as the key ingredients for success. Indeed they are, as they…

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How WebRTC technology could turn tables for enterprise video chat
How WebRTC Technology Could Turn Tables for Enterprise Video Chat.
April 1, 2016

Enterprises have been using video as a channel for collaboration and communication for quite a while now. Technologies like video conferencing…

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New HTML5 Customer Experience, WebRTC recording - VeriShow 6.0
New HTML5 Customer Experience, WebRTC recording | VeriShow 6.0
August 10, 2015

VeriShow 6.0 | Release notes We have been working hard over the past few months on a new and improved version of VeriShow….

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WebRTC Technology & High Quality Video Chat
February 3, 2015

What is Web RTC? WebRTC stand for Web Real-Time Communication. It is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web…

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Improved WebRTC Video Chat & Mobile Chat
December 29, 2013

VeriShow 4.9.1 | Release Notes In this new release that comes out just before the new year, we made improvements to…

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