Great product, good prices, appealing website – these are well-accepted as the key ingredients for success. Indeed they are, as they form the foundation for good business performance. But a vital ingredient for sustained strong revenue growth is a high rate of returning customers and strong world-of-mouth recommendations which often depends customers have a great experience.

Strong customer relationships are built when customers find that they can trust the company to deliver not just a great product or a service, but also handle their questions or issues promptly and efficiently. It is an established fact that high quality customer service has a direct impact on business revenue and profits. In fact, good customer service results in 81 percent of customers coming back to the company for additional business, highlighting its importance.

Delivering a great customer experience is important for all businesses and at all stages of a purchase but it particularly crucial for online businesses since they lack the benefit of on-hand support that a store has. This is more relevant particularly if the customers face inadvertent problems which affects their experience.

Deliver Customer Service That Builds Customer Trust

It has been said that it is 500 percent more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing customers, so companies have to focus on identifying solutions that ensure that customers are provided the best service.

Customers can at times run into unexpected issues at any point in time during a browsing session or a transaction in process – there could be concerns related to product, technical problems, slip-ups in transactions or confusing details. Such issues can lead to site abandonment if not addressed promptly. Customers not finding answers or solutions to problems will feel that the company doesn’t value them as a customer and defect to a competitor.

But with great customer service you can avert this situation. Whatever the problem, with prompt attention to the customer’s needs, it can be sorted with minimal damage, restoring customer confidence.  Having the right training, the right knowledge and the right tools are vital for this.

Companies must deploy solutions that facilitate the delivery of speedy, intuitive and personalized customer service. One such technological platform is the real-time engagement solution that seeks to empower customer support staff with tools that they can use to engage with customers and provide support that is appropriate for the situation.

Use Real Time Engagement Tools for Intuitive Problem Resolution

The virtual engagement platform has a range of tools that support direct live interaction with customers. Cobrowsing, live chat, video chats, content sharing are some of the key tools available using which company representatives can provide support. These tools are easy-to-initiate with click-to-call feature and bring human interaction to online transactions.

Here are the major uses of using such a platform:

  1. Respond quickly with live support tools to resolve technical issues: Non-responsive webpage, incorrect details or incorrect process are technical issues that can put a stop to a customer’s purchase process. Live chat platform or cobrowsing solutions can help in quick resolution as customer can visually point out the issue without having to describe it repeatedly. 
  1. Personally Guide through confusing product or website sections: Trying to find the right thing can be a tedious challenge in a website filled with options. Agents can use a cobrowsing session to guide the customer to the options most suited to their needs. 
  1. Ensure one-call resolution for complaints: Repeating a problem agent-to-agent due to the problem not being resolved the first time of complaint can result in a highly negative experience. Visual tools like video chats, co-browsing, document sharing and screen sharing helps support staff to understand the problem accurately with just one discussion and facilitates speedy solutions. 
  1. Provide context-aware resolution, reducing customer frustration: During a problem resolution process, the customer often has to recap the problem with lengthy explanations. Remove this source of irritation with context-aware tools that enable customer support staff to step in for problem resolution without disrupting the customer’s website journey. 
  1. Video calls to improve understanding of customer needs: Provide a better online experience by engaging in face-to-face discussions with customers. The online video chat option brings personalization and guided support to customers’ interactions, resulting in superior buying experience.