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Top Benefits of Video Chat Software in the Healthcare Industry
Top Benefits of Video Chat Software in the Healthcare Industry
February 2, 2016

The healthcare industry has been achieving great milestones in the last few years with the help of the evolving technology from…

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Rapidly Growing AllCall Automotive Partners with VeriShow
Rapidly Growing AllCall Automotive Partners with VeriShow
December 18, 2015

VeriShow a leading developer of real-time communications technology, today announced a partnership agreement with All Call Automotive Contact Center.  As part…

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Co-Browse your way to high quality customer service
October 27, 2015

In this era of evolving technology, we ensure that we aren’t lacking behind when it comes to providing hi – tech…

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Untangle the issue together with your customer through co browsing
October 1, 2015

A business is believed to grow whenever it remains connected with its customers. Responding to customer queries and resolving issues in…

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Can Video Chats Be the Significant Alternative to In-Person Meetings?
September 30, 2015

Most of the current collaborative-technology related literature confirms that in-person business meetings allow attendees to develop trust in ways that are…

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Co-Browsing: Take Web-Based Customer Service up a Notch
September 17, 2015

Throughout the digital revolution, consumers have shown a marked fondness for technologies that make their online engagements more participatory. As this…

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Aspire 2011 Part 2: New Features in LivePerson and VeriShow Integration
October 24, 2011

Aspire 2011 kicks off today and we are excited to interact with partners and customers of LivePerson. For VeriShow, LivePerson integration…

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Aspire 2011: Multimedia Chat and LivePerson Integration
October 20, 2011

As we discussed in previous posts, VeriShow and LivePerson have been working together this year to optimize customers’ multimedia online sales…

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business-challenge-solved-remote, live-coll-boration-for-design-consulta...
Business challenge solved: remote, live collaboration for design consultations
September 22, 2011

Anyone who has lived through a kitchen remodel or other major renovation knows how quickly architectural and design plans can change…

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VeriShow Details Steps for Enhancing LivePerson Experience
September 1, 2011

When we announced our integration with LivePerson in June, we shared a video exploring the ways in which one company might…

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