The healthcare industry has been achieving great milestones in the last few years with the help of the evolving technology from the last few years. It becomes highly essential for the healthcare industry to adapt to the evolving technology in order to become more accurate and efficient in their field. The pressing need of using online applications to increase engagement and efficiency is increasing day by day. Other than just treating the patients, doctors also need to maintain follow up regarding their recoveries and ensure constant communication. This cannot happen if the patient is not in the state to visit the hospital. The only way to then contact the patient is by making use of online applications like Video Chat or Telemedicine.

If the healthcare industry starts adapting to technologies like these software, they can not only ensure constant consultation and follow ups with regular patients but can also reach the patients from rural or faraway areas. Doctors or physicians can be anywhere monitoring the patients and collecting their personal data while the patients enjoy the comfort of their home.

Here’s a look at a few benefits that come along with the use of video chat and telemedicine:
  1. Better care at home: The use of these applications ensure that patients gets the best services while sitting at home. According to, A Disruptive Technology for the Global Healthcare Industry: Live Video Conference, among the most sought after technologies for tele-health, the live video chat has gained popularity for remote patient consultation, especially where physical mobility is an issue among ill, disabled, or older citizens.
  1. Enormous reach: The people living in urban areas or in close proximity of hospitals can still make the visit possible, however, access to proper health care is always out of reach for the people living in the rural areas. The use of video chat ensures that anybody, anywhere can access the best healthcare services without even moving an inch.
  1. Reduces costs: For patients who cannot afford going to the hospital for a visit because they can’t afford it, applications such as video chat and telemedicine become a huge relief. According to, Telehealth: The Benefits of Video Conferencing, By using video-conferencing technology when applicable, healthcare practitioners and patients can reduce the costs associated with regular hospital visits.
  1. Builds trust: By making use of applications such as video chat and telemedicine, doctors can speak to their patients in real – time and provide them with the best solutions instantly. Since the patients can directly see and speak to the doctors, they start trusting them with their medical problems and keep reverting to the same doctors. Until and unless doctors or physicians do not make personal contact with their patients through these software, they will not be able to gain the patient’s trust.
  1. Extensive networking: Apart from the regular doctor – patient communication, video conferencing also encourages doctors and hospitals to build networks with other hospitals which leads to sharing of knowledge. This way doctors can easily consult other doctors and offer incredible solutions to each other and their patients.