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Enhanced Enterprise Reporting VeriShow 6.8
Enhanced Enterprise Reporting | VeriShow 6.8
July 3, 2016

VeriShow 6.8 is out and includes enhanced session and Dashboard reporting. Enterprise Reporting added to Dashboard and Session History The Dashboard page…

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Mobile-Specific Live Help Button | VeriShow 6.7
June 19, 2016

We have just released version 6.7 of VeriShow that supports mobile-specific live help button display and various bug fixes. Mobile-Specific Live Help…

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VeriTalk - Co-browse
VeriTalk – Co-browse while on the phone with customers | VeriShow 6.6
June 5, 2016

Our new 6.6 version introduces a new and powerful feature that is designed for phone call scenarios. VeriTalk This new powerful feature…

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Various enhancements in VeriShow’s update | VeriShow 6.5
April 17, 2016

VeriShow 6.5 covers various issues that we identified or reported by customers. Bugs, fixes and enhancements We addressed the following issues: Initial…

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Large Video, Canned Responses & Enhanced 3rd-party Reporting
Large Video, Canned Responses & Enhanced 3rd-party Reporting | VeriShow 6.3
November 9, 2015

The new VeriShow release provides the option to show video chat in a larger view, use pre-made chat responses and has further…

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New Embedding Options, Chat Features & More | VeriShow 6.2
October 5, 2015

This release includes additional advanced embedding features, chat options, Google Analytics integration and enhanced details for leads. New Call Button Embedding…

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Video Chat & Co-browsing on Mobile Improvements| VeriShow 6.1
August 10, 2015

We have been working hard over the past few months on a new and improved version of VeriShow. We have released closed beta versions and are now glad to announce the new and major new VeriShow release, 6.0. This release includes a new, HTML5-based customer experience

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Free Chat and New Price Plans
Free Chat and New Price Plans
March 29, 2015

VeriShow 5.4 | Release notes We are happy to announce a new pricing plan as of this release, which includes a…

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New Phone Bridge and Web to Phone Options
February 22, 2015

VeriShow 5.3 | Release notes The release introduces new features that aim to provide additional flexibility to our clients by allowing…

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New Chat Window Layout and Other Improvements
January 4, 2015

VeriShow 5.2 | Release notes This release introduces a new layout and user experience option and various other improvements. New Experience…

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