VeriShow 5.2 | Release notes

This release introduces a new layout and user experience option and various other improvements.

New Experience

We have introduced a new chat window layout option that brings an improved user experience. It entails the option displaying a default agent image to welcome customers that is then update with the agent’s own image when he or she answers the call.

Screenshot 2015-01-08 15.31.48

The default agent image can be set from Account Admin > Account Profile page. You can select a default image from various choices we provide or upload your own. The actual agent image (shown after answering the call) is set as before from Account Admin > Your Personal Profile.

If you are an existing customer and would like to have it set on your account, please contact you account manager.

Other improvements

Various bugs and improvements have been made, including

  • Ring once while on another call – once the agent answers a call, they will now be notified once in order not to disturb their current customer interaction.
  • Mic/Webcam access notification – we improved the notification to allow mic/camera access once audio/video chat is started, and addressed an issue where in certain scenarios it was displayed when it should not have been.
  • Website Visitors tab blinking – while this tab should blink on an incoming call, an issue was addressed where it blinked in certain scenarios while navigating the back-end.
Demo? Questions?

If you would like to see the new layout or if you have any questions, please contact us.