Product Benefits

Improved website live support, customer service and increased conversions are just the beginning of VeriShow’s benefits

VeriShow live support for your website improves your quality of service and response times, helps your team build better relationships with customers and prospects,improves customer satisfaction rate, and helps differentiate your business from your competitors. sign-up for free!

What are the main benefits?

This feature-rich, multi-media collaboration platform lets you:

  • Build strong customer relationships by providing personalized assistance and live support to prospect while they’re still on your website.
  • Increase sales and average order value (AOV) by demonstrating products and popular-selling accessories.
  • Keep visitors on your site by answering questions, explaining products, and positioning your company as a place where visitors are provided the opportunity to make right purchasing decision for them.
  • Increase first-contact resolution by collaborating with visitors, sharing documents and co-completing returns, customer service, or credit adjustment forms.
  • Lower operating expenses by replacing internal travel with web-based meeting. Use the second-camera input to show unique inventory to visitors rather than adding and removing photos and descriptions of those items to your website.
  • Concentrate on sales and service and not on technological maintenance by using a simple SaaS (software as service) architecture that requires no configuration or maintenance by your technical personnel, and no special downloads or installation by your site visitors.
  • Provide instant web based live support without intruding on the design of your website. The Call Button can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing website: you simply need to insert the VeriShow live support call button HTML code into your site programming.Meet the unique needs of your web visitors and accent your company’s brand by creating customized applications and modify the interface to match your brand or website design (available in the Professional and Enterprise Solution price plans only; customized applications are at additional cost).

Interested in a demo?

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