Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

VeriShow’s technical requirements are described below

VeriShow, a web-based solution, requires a standard computer (PC or Mac) and a broadband internet connection. As it is browser-based it works on the majority of computers with no special setup, software or hardware.

Hardware and software requirements

  • Windows or Mac OS
  • Dual Core PC (i3+, 2GB min. RAM recommended).
  • Modern web browsers – Chrome strongly recommended for high quality WebRTC video.
  • Mic / Webcam (most mics/webcams supported). Recommended: analog headset and HD webcam of a known brand.
  • Broadband Internet connection (0.5Mb min. upstream, 1Mb recommended).

Firewall requirements

VeriShow works behind most home and small business firewalls. In large cooperate environments where video chat communication may be blocked, firewall configurations have to be carried out. Please consult your IT and your account manager or email our support.


If you have any questions or require any assistance please contact your VeriShow account manager or email support.