Real Estate

Real Estate

VeriShow’s SaaS-based, multi-chat platform with in-built functionality for co-browsing and content sharing offers an ideal sales and customer-service channels for the remote real-estate agent.

The primary benefit of VeriShow’s virtual-engagement platform is that potential real-estate buyers or sellers can feel as if they have physically walked into a real-estate agent’s office! The real-estate customers can get instant access to agents in any location on the globe using the web browser online, without downloading or installing any special applications.

VeriShow’s Features that Suit Estate Agents

  • Co-browsing between real-estate agents and customers for viewing listed properties together.
  • Live video-clip sharing between the real-estate agents and customers for guided virtual tours of listed properties located near or far.
  • Document or image sharing between the real-estate agents and customers for virtual exchange of necessary documents. This can save traveling or courier costs without the possibility of loss in transactions.

The best part is that customers can engage in text, voice, or Web Based Video Chat and still use the Cobrowsing Software and content-sharing facilities in parallel for a complete personal experience. The VeriShow platform provides a complete sales-customer support solution while reducing operational costs and retaining a global customer base.

The Benefits for Estate Agents

A real-estate agent can deliver these differentiated sales services from the virtual office:

  • Increase sales by remotely guiding potential buyers select specific listings based on location, pricing, neighborhoods or amenities.
  • Provide personalized, virtual tours of properties, thus enhancing the chances of conversion.
  • Collaborate with buyers, sellers, financiers, appraisers or other stakeholders from multiple locations throughout the property buying or selling processes without having to travel.
  • In some cases, even close deals without a single physical trip by any party!
  • Reduce overall operating expenses by using a home-office with minimum frills and no travelling.

VeriShow is fully integrated with mobile devices, so property buyers have the added benefit of interacting through their mobile devices while being out of their home or office..

The customer-support features available within the VeriShow platform are:

  • Instant access to any remote real-estate agent on any location for completing pre-purchase or sometimes even purchase decisions.
  • Virtual document-exchange app to enable transfer of documents, images, or video clips between customers and agents with full security.
  • Video Sharing Online for allowing remote participants to meet face-to-face for important discussions during the property buy or sale processes.
  • Ongoing live support for buyers or sellers on a 24/7 basis. .

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