VeriShow Integrates With Salesforce To Provide Real-Time Solutions

The simplest, cheapest, most productive and most customer-centric way to offer CRM services.

Amongst its countless unique benefits to your business, the VeriShow technology effectively integrates with the exceptional Salesforce CRM to provide your online leads and customers one-on-one super interactive solutions. The customer visits your website and is welcomed by a Live Agent who takes him/her through a live video chat session, a co-browsing session, and some other content sharing capabilities that deepen and enhance the customer experience.

It’s like walking into a showroom and having a really passionate salesperson who not only wants to make a sale but ensures you only buy what you are looking for, but this time you visit the business right from the comfort of your home. The experience is simply fantastic and is managed directly from Salesforce’s CRM with help of co-browsing! The bottom line is that your business gets to exponentially increase conversion rates, close more deals, provide more personal customer service and naturally build a raving fan base of satisfied customers.

The VeriShow platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s Live Agent and adds powerful real-time capabilities that include video chat, co-browsing, screen sharing and content sharing (documents, videos, images) to the SalesForce Live Agent’s live chat.

Agent clicks on ‘Talk’ button on his side to start video chat (customer can turn on their video too)

Agent shares an image and annotates it in real-time

Agent can co-browse the website, even behind login, and complete web-forms

Main Features:

The platform provides additional capabilities to the Live Agent solution such as:

  • Audio / Video Chat
  • Co-browsing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Agent to client document sharing
  • Client to agent document sharing
  • Video clip sharing
  • Form completion
  • Interactive whiteboard, and more

Session history seamlessly reported to SalesForce’s chat transcript as well as to a SalesForce case. This includes for example, the feature used (e.g Share File) and content shared (e.g. filename.pdf),  website pages’ URLs that were co-browsed and duration spent in each app.

The solution and its features are modular and can be tailored to match your business requirements.


  • Increase sales and conversion rates – by adding video chat, conversion can increase by 30% over text chat and by adding content share and co-browsing capabilities, there can be additional 50% increase over text chat.
  • Increase average order value – the use of multimedia can contribute to a higher AOV.
  • Deliver unparalleled customer service – provide more effective service and quicker issue resolution, which results in more satisfied and loyal customer.

For more information, please visit Salesforce’s Appexchange.

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