VeriShow platform seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s Live Agent

VeriShow’s integration with SaleForce’s Live Agent offers an all-in-one Live Chat and real-time engagement solution that includes video chat, content sharing and co-browsing.

Being customer-centric is one of the core values that drives successful businesses. By developing deep understanding of customers and their needs, a business is able to build strong customer relationships, which translates into consistent superior business performance.

Today customers increasingly expect companies to be instantly responsive and highly accessible, especially on online platforms. In fact, research shows that 53% of customers abandon their online journey on a site if they don’t find answers to their questions quickly.

Live engagement tools such as live chat are therefore becoming vital for companies who wish to provide instantaneous customer support on their site. VeriShow’s live engagement platform offers a complete range of real-time applications, which can connect you instantly with customers. Flexible and easy-to-install, its suite of tools easily integrates with a range of business platforms enhancing their capabilities.

Verishow’s collaboration with Salesforce’s CRM solution enables companies to combine deep customer understanding with real-time customer engagement.

The VeriShow technology seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s Live Agent chat platform, delivering a comprehensive and powerful customer engagement solution that can help you deliver personalized, intuitive and ever-ready customer support.

Verishow-Powered Co-browsing for Salesforce Delivers Manifold Functionality

Using Verishow’s tools, the customer-facing staff can now proactively initiate conversations with customers and engage with them on their journey on your site right from the Salesforce application.

Customer service agents can leverage the customer-specific information from the Salesforce software and use Verishow’s virtual engagement tools in addition to Live Agent to step in at any time the customer needs any support, be it answering questions or cobrowse to explore product options through Salesforce with collaborative browsing.

With VeriShow’s real-time tools, companies can add a personal touch to every customer interaction:

  • Video chat: With video chat, you can interact face-to-face with customers and provide them with an in-store shopping experience
  • Co-browsing: This tool enables the support staff to simultaneously browse with the customer, which is very valuable to guide the customer through the site, product options, forms etc. VeriShow for Salesforce cobrowsing is thus a powerful addition to the customer engagement capabilities of Live Agent.
  • Screen sharing: With this, the customer can share the exact page they are viewing with the company representative. This is particularly useful if any issues are encountered which needs troubleshooting
  • Content Sharing: Customers and sales staff often need to share documents such as forms, product brochures, video clips images etc. With content sharing these can be done instantaneous, right from the website without having to resort to email etc.
  • Form completion: Using this feature, support staff can provide assistance with filling complicated forms including e-signatures, removing the need for personal visits completely.

Benefits of using VeriShow-powered Live Agent

The capability of Salesforce’s Live Agent is enhanced multi-fold as a result of the integration of Verishow’s product suite.

The following clear benefits are accrued thanks to VeriShow’s real-time tools:

  • Enhanced customer experience: Customers receive a never-before personalized and interactive service with VeriShow’s tools, that can include video chat, real-time content sharing and co-browsing.
  • Improved sales conversions: VeriShow’s applications enable the sales staff to involve more deeply with the customer’s buying process. They are able provide assistance at the right moments (e.g. purchase process), and get a better understanding of the customer’s context and need using the cobrowser within Salesforce’s Live Chat. This superior understanding of customer leads to faster closure of sales.
  • Improved productivity of sales personnel: Sales staff must have access to tools which they can depend on to offer appropriate form of assistance. By leveraging Salesforce co-browsing as well as video chats, they can engage with the customers as the situation demands, improving their effectiveness. They can also intervene to cross-sell or up-sell, thus improving revenue.
  • Stronger customer relationships: Face-to-face interactions via video chats bring in a level of connection that is only rivalled by in-person interaction. By offering intuitive service at the right time including resolving issues, customers develop a deeper trust and loyalty towards the company.
  • Strengthen the website as a sales channel: Websites today are critical both as a communication channel and as a sales channel. It is essential for companies to deploy tools like the cobrowser within Salesforce that support the sales process and strengthen the channel so that it can function efficiently. VeriShow’s real-time engagement tools are an easily-installable enhancement, which can convert your website into a high-performing sales platform. 

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