How Today’s AutoDealers Succeed in Business?

Activate A Simple Tool That Increases Online Engagement by 67% And Sends A Whooping 16% Of The Visitors To The Showroom.

VeriShow Technology is the revolutionary and cutting edge Auto Marketing and Sales solution that helps auto dealers make more sales. Within the very first month of using VeriShow, dealers experience an exponential increase both in lead conversion ratios and showroom appointments. Website visitors looking to buy a car can start a conversation with the dealer in their preferred mode and easily switch to any mode they/you want.

You can start out by chatting with the visitor and take them through a cobrowsing session, or quickly show your expertise while you build rapport and get them in the buying mood, all in real time. By our records, 75% of the leads that are taken through the system go on to book a showroom appointment.

Car sales done remotely with VeriShow, using video chat, car videos and more!

Car dealership provides better customer service with VeriShow

Features: 10x Better Than Chat Alone

The platform provides true interactive capabilities which has proven to increase engagement 67% over standalone products.

  • Chat and Mobile Text
  • Audio / Video Chat
  • Click to Call (ability to connect call from web visitors to dealer phone)
  • Co-browsing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Behavior Targeting
  • Share Document Online
  • e-signatures
  • Form completion
  • Chat Translator…and more

The solution and its features are modular and can be tailored to match the dealer requirements. VeriShow is the leader in online engagement for retailers and is bringing their experience to automotive dealers.


The Verishow path to online sales

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