Management Team

VeriShow Management Team

Co-founders Yuval Moed, CEO, and Zeev Halevi brought the concept to life in 2007. Together, they envisioned a more efficient customer service solution, creating a video-chat platform that would optimize business opportunities by enabling them to comfortably engage with their clients digitally.

Yuval Moed
Co-Founder and CEO

With over 25 years of experience, Yuval is an Internet and eCommerce entrepreneur, operator and investor. As a pioneer in eCommerce of fresh cut flowers, he co-founded and was the COO of Flowerfarm, and was instrumental in their merging with ProFlowers. Furthermore, as visionary, he co-founded VeriShow, our solution that enables instant, one click Video Chat and digital interaction between organizations and users. Yuval holds a BS from Florida International University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Yuval also has a great passion for long distance running, having run 12 marathons so far.

Evgenii is a Senior UI developer with experience in software development, Agile projects, management and modern testing approaches. Evgenii graduated the National Research Saratov State University with a degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

Hannan Lis

Hannan is a business owner and investor in services, real estate, education, manufacturing and technology businesses. He is significantly involved in community development, public service and economic development. He also serves as executive board members with profit and not-for-profit organizations in the USA, the State of Michigan and Israel. As a chairman at VeriShow, Hannan is actively involved with the company business development and customer relationships in the US.

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