Video & Co-browsing API

Video & Co-browsing API

Use VeriShow’s video conferencing API, real-time content sharing and co-browsing APIs to enhance your own platform.


VeriShow consists of a set of powerful real-time audio, video, content sharing and co-browsing that are available in VeriShow’s standalone platform but can also be integrated into other platforms using an API.

As VeriShow is a modular solution, each component can be used separately from the others using the API. These audio chat, video chat, content sharing and co-browsing features are already integrated with other powerful interactive / live chat platforms such as LivePerson’s live chat and are used by clients globally. The vendor’s own features are fully maintained while its customers are benefiting from real-time audio/video communication and collaboration features provided by VeriShow.

Audio and Video Chat API

VeriShow’s audio/video chat API allows you to integrate these powerful features into your own platform . It allows including a one-way audio or video broadcast where the visitor can see and hear them. The visitor can also start their own audio and video which will lead to two-way conversation.

The video conferencing API supports all common browsers and does not require special hardware or software. The video chat feature is based on Adobe Flash and on WebRTC where supported, which most Internet users have access to. Therefore usually, installation is required for the visitor. In most cases, the platform establishes a peer-to-peer connection for best quality, but if unable to, the audio and video data is tunneled through a dedicated server.

Co-browsing API

VeriShow’s powerful co-browsing solution allows two parties (usually an agent and customer) to co-browse a website in real-time. It can be integrated into other platforms via  an API; here are the solution’s main features:

  • Support for co-browsing secure and non-secure pages – website pages that are encrypted (HTTPS) as well as standard HTTP pages can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Co-browse pages that are behind login – enabling the agent to continue co-browse the pages even after the customer logged into the site.
  • Compatible with cookies – all cookie-based info is maintained and visible on both sides when co-browsing (e.g. adding items to shopping carts, changing language preference).
  • Provides masking of sensitive fields while co-browsing – in scenarios such as payment pages, it is possible to mask inputted customer info such as credit card details
  • Cursor and scrolling synchronization – The website representative and customer mouse cursors are visible and scrolling of pages is synchronized
  • Works on any device – Windows and Mac computers, coming soon: Android tablets and smartphones and Apple’s iOS iPhone and iPad devices.

Share Agent/Customer File API

The file sharing / content transfer features can be made available via API to enable two parties share and transfer content.

The Share file and Visitor’s Doc apps allows the agent to share with the customer a variety of files annotate them in read-time, sign them electronically (using the electronic signature feature) as viewed and save them as PDF with all the annotations made – in effect making the application also suitable for file (content) transfer. These apps supports various document, image, and video file formats (share file only) such as PDF, DOC, PPT, JPG, BMP, PNG.

Collaboration API

VeriShow includes additional real-time content sharing / collaboration applications that can be made available via API, these include for example:

  • Form completion API – PDF form completion in real-time
  • Chat translation API – real-time chat translation where each party reads and writes in their own language
  • Live video feed API – broadcase a video feed from a webcam, for example to show or demo a product in real-time
  • Calculator API – various calculators that can be used by two parties in real-time

Further information

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