Online Sales

Online Sales

Increase online sales, up-sell orders and reduce product returns with VeriShow’s real-time multi-media platform for website interactions.

Happy customers are loyal customers. That’s why it’s critical to help visitors find the products and services that are right for them .VeriShow offers a wide range of live website support features that let your e-sales reps listen to what visitors want, guide them to an appealing product, and provide a face-to-face demonstration – right from your website. VeriShow gives your sales teams a powerful combination of chat, video and audio conferencing and document and image sharing that can be used to close sales, up-sell orders and increase your average order value.

Online sales scenario videos

See VeriShow in action:

This visitor wants the perfect anniversary gift for his wife. The e-sales rep uses VeriShow’s second-camera input feature to display a variety of gift options. Thanks to the virtual face-to-face experience, the shopper was able to select a pair of great diamond earring for his wife – without leaving his desk. The store was able to make a high-value e-sale —all without the expense of photographing its complete inventory and updating its website.

This client is in the market for a car. An auto dealer leverages multiple features of VeriShow so that its e-sales teams can provide a showroom quality experience to its website visitors. E-sales teams share videos of their vehicles, and even display photos of ones that have yet to be posted to its site. Thanks to the personalized attention, trust is established, which in turn increases the likelihood that a test drive will be scheduled.

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