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In this era of online markets, people feel more and more comfortable buying products and services online, however, doing the same for the banking turns out to be a problem. Online banking remains a sensitive because it involves sensitive information and wealth. People face trust issues whi... Continue Reading

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The use of kiosks has been around since 1970 but its market has taken off in the last few years. The sophisticated technologies employed in it are known to generate more ROI. The growing multimedia capabilities have leveraged the display of video chat and content sharing in kiosks which i... Continue Reading

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The healthcare industry has been achieving great milestones in the last few years with the help of the evolving technology from the last few years. It becomes highly essential for the healthcare industry to adapt to the evolving technology in order to become more accurate and efficient in ... Continue Reading

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People these days have such busy schedules that they barely ever get any time to be out shopping for themselves. This is mainly the reason why online shopping prevails now and why shouldn’t it? It fulfills all our needs right where we are. From apparels to automotive, everything is being... Continue Reading

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With the success of 2015 already in their rear-view mirror, Bryan Honda is already turning their attention to 2016 and topping 2015 achievements. A golden opportunity to grow revenues is the strong consumer sentiment for change in the car buying process. With the help of VeriShow technolog... Continue Reading

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