As industry and business landscapes change with new trends like digital transformation, there is still one fundamental thing that drives business: happy customers.

Customers telling others about their good experiences and recommending companies is among the most powerful factors for sustained success.

Multiple studies have proven repeatedly that customer referrals are what attracts more customers.

In today’s age of social media, it has only been magnified further.

A MarketForce study found that 81% of consumers state that social posts from their friends and peers were directly influencing their purchasing decisions. This is not surprising since consumers naturally trust the opinion of peers more than paid media.

Best Customer Service at The Core of Customer Delight

Consistent positive recommendations happen only when customers genuinely value the company and its services.

A key aspect of this is ensuring that every time a customer interfaces with the company, their experience is pleasant, hassle-free and productive.

Companies looking to achieve this can follow these five guidelines:

  1. Well trained customer service agents : Artificial Intelligent may be fast becoming an important feature of customer service but nothing can replace well trained customer service agents who are able to listen to customers and resolve their issues with empathy, competence and speed. Developing a comprehensive training program plays a major role in preparing the agents to deliver top notch service.
  2. A customer-first approach : Companies having customer-first approach make sure that this philosophy is reflected across all critical aspects – be it website design, purchase/return processes, or customer service standards like SLAs.  These policies are pivotal for delivering outstanding service.
  3. Easy accessibility : In the online era, companies must remain easily accessible to customers. Offering facilities like toll free numbers, one click video calls, or chatbot services, reassure the customers that the company cares for them and is available to solve their problems.
  4. Uniform experience across channels : With customers starting to use a range of mediums for reaching a company – phone, instant messaging or texts, an omni-channel strategy designed to provide a high level of service across these platforms can ensure that customers are left delighted.
  5. Powerful tools that enhance service : Businesses must empower their customer service agents with the right tools to deliver superior service. Agents should have the flexibility to choose the right medium of communication or interaction as per customer’s needs or the circumstances.

Delight Customers with Personalized Live Service 

With Real time collaboration platform’s powerful set of tools, high quality customer service is within the reach of all companies:

  • Cobrowser allows company agents and customers to interact simultaneously with a website, allowing customers to receive live on-screen support
  • Video chats for Face-to-face interaction which adds clarity and trust to customer interactions as agents and helps provide solutions more efficiently
  • Multi-Channel Support via tools Like VeriShare and VeriTalk to engage with customers across platforms for easier interactions.
  • Document transfer, done securely and instantly during live sessions which speeds up discussions.