About Us

About Us

We specialize in personal engagement co-browsing solutions that enable customer services agents interact effectively with customers in real-time.

VeriShow Inc. was founded in late 2010 with a focus on providing organizations with tools to personally engage their customers by allowing secure co-browsing of their sites to better address customer service needs.  The company possesses very strong patents in this space.

VeriShow is a Michigan, US LLC with R&D facilities in Israel. The company addresses a specific need related to customer service, that is: the need for efficient and secure personal help.

For example, in scenarios where a customer needs assistance and calls for support, an agent can navigate to a similar page the customer states that he or she is at and try to help them. However, without a dedicated and secure way to see what the client sees and show them what to do, it can quickly become a long and tedious conversation.

This is where our “See it, Show it” co-browsing patented technology changes the story. Combining directional language with visual cues where an agent can also see the customer’s browser and show them what to do without compromising the customer’s privacy, reduces the handling time, increases efficiency and first contact resolution (FCR).

Our platform is an Omni-Channel platform that also integrates with leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM. As an Omni-Channel platform, it enables organizations and customers alike to communicate across different channels (phone, web to phone, textual chat, video chat etc).

Once they connect, agents can then use the co-browsing solution to instantly and personally help their customers by seeing and showing them what to do.  This approach enables organizations to adopt a holistic approach to customer engagement.  The solution is offered on the web, mobile devices, and on on-premise kiosks.

In a world where transactions are shifting to the internet (Forrester Research estimates that U.S. E-Commerce Sales for this year alone to be $355.0 billion and $414.0 billion in 2018) and become more complex, companies that use VeriShow report increase in conversion rate, up-selling, transaction size, and higher level of customer satisfaction.

Interested in our solution?

For more details and information, contact VeriShow today! Call 1-855-427-5227 or send an email to sales@verishow.com.