About Us

About Us

Specializing in real-time personal engagement solutions for businesses

VeriShow Inc. was launched in late 2018 with a focus on providing organizations a platform to address customer needs remotely. Our secure Video-Chat solution provides a space with the tools to personally engage customers.  VeriShow Inc. possesses very strong patents in this sector.

At VeriShow, we address two specific needs related to customer service: efficiency as well as secure personal help. For example, when a customer calls in for support, via VeriShow an agent can assist the customer seamlessly and securely, as if they were actually meeting in person – significantly reducing the need for customers to come in. This is applicable for several verticals such as Finance, Healthcare, retail, government and more.

This is where our “See it, Show it” technologies change the story. Combining directional language with visual cues, agents can provide their customers with solutions without compromising the customer’s privacy, while reducing the handling time. VeriShow increases efficiency and first contact resolution (FCR) as well as safety and security.

As an Omni-Channel platform, we enable organizations and customers alike to communicate across different channels (phone, web to phone).  The solution is offered on the web, mobile devices, and on on-premise kiosks. VeriShow also integrates with leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce.

In a world experiencing the dangers of viruses such as COVID-19, adjustment to remote interaction is a must. VeriShow’s solution offers the capabilities organizations need to adjust and given the ease of use, both agents and clients can instantly, safely and efficiently resume their business.

Interested in our solution?

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