Banking / Financial Services

Banking / Financial Services

Banking customers expect more than just an excellent mix of financial products.  They are looking for superior customer experiences.  According to Ernst & Young Global Consumer Banking Survey 2014, customers selected “the way I am treated” as the second most important reason for trusting their banking provider, trailing only the predictable “financial stability” of their bank. In fact, customer experience is also the most common reason for opening and closing accounts, more so than even fees, rates, locations and convenience.

Furthermore, the study points out that the idea of trust is what transforms customers from static sources of revenue into advocates for their banks. In a time where social and digital media enable consumers to immediately share their experiences, customers who trust their bank and appreciate their banking experience will drive the most referrals and be more willing to consolidate their own banking needs with a single financial services provider.  Satisfied customers are the growth engines of any bank.

The Opportunity

For a bank to be more competitive and grow, EY identifies in its study three key areas of improvement:

Make banking simple and clear – Offer an omni-channel experience that combines both traditional and digital banking.

Help customers make the right financial decisions – Use skilled network of financial advisors who can offer personal help often remotely to customers as to how to save, invest and spend more wisely

Be proactive in anticipating and solving problems  Making it easy for customers to raise issues, equipping the front line to handle certain problems and escalate others, explaining why the issue occurred and following up to ensure resolution is complete are crucial to successfully handling problems

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The VeriShow Solution

VeriShow secure interactive platform allow Financial Services to engage customers in person and help building trust and do that remotely at any given moment.  The ability to engage in a customer as if the he or she walked into a local bank brunch is very powerful. The bank representative talks to them via web video chat (one way or two), show them materials and can even process transaction online if needed. We provide the Financial institution with a set of apps to be used in the session and ability for customer to call directly from their web site.


The VeriShow platform for financial industry provides capabilities such as:

  • Textual Chat
  • Audio / Video Chat
  • Web to phone (ability to call your phone from your web site)
  • Secure Co-browsing after login
  • Screen Sharing in https environments
  • Agent to client document sharing
  • Client to agent document sharing
  • Video clip sharing
  • Form completion

The solution and its features are modular and can be tailored to match the practice requirements. The company has a broad experience in developing solutions for the industry and can tailor solution that can meet any need as well as offering services from mobile devices.

Use Case

  • Customer logs to their bank account
  • Customer needs help finding information about a loan
  • Customer clicks on a Live Help button or calls the bank
  • Agent gets information and invites the customer to join a live session
  • Agents Activates secure cobrowsing and starts navigating the bank’s site with customer giving the customer the option to stop the session at any moment
  • Customer gets directed to the right information and if needed can fill-in applications with the agent’s help
  • Agent leaves the session while customer continue filling the application on their own without losing any information
  • Result: Highly satisfied customers who got top quality personal customer help