Empowering Banks with Technology: Working with Document Share

As digital customer-service continues to evolve in the future, the banks will provide higher quality service support with combined, text, images and voice, which is “significantly more efficient compared with text-chat or audio-only conversation.”

The redefined customer-service capabilities will create a perceptible differentiation between banks which will prosper and banks which will fail! Technology offers tremendous capabilities in terms of building more personalized relationships with the bank’s customers and prospects.

If one can apply the forecast of the Accenture’s Banking Technology Vision 2010 to the banking environment today:

  • As banks use more unstructured data such as voice and image, information quality and security will gradually improve.
  • As accurate information becomes more easily available, banking functions such as sales and service will become far more effective and efficient.

This Report also suggested indicated that banking delivery channels and distribution capabilities should continuously evolve through newer technologies if they have to remain competitive. In 2015, if the global banks and financial institutions can tide over all hurdles related to customer privacy and security issues, then this industry sector can look forward to a bright future ahead.

So how can the VeriShow platform, with its powerful, document share capability help the global banks and financial institutions?

VeriShow’s Document Share

  • The Ultimate Sales and Customer Service Tool :Here are some benefits of the document sharing app of the VeriShow’s interactive platform that allow communication via textual chat and video chat platform:information.
  • Sharing Documents Offline during Chat Sessions : During a chat session, documents can be shared between a bank’s representative and a customer through the document share facility, which supports both structured and unstructured data like text, image, audio, and video. The representative’s life will become so much easier if he or she can show documented facts, figures, and images to the customer before explaining important matters.
  •  Customer-Centric Applications : The VeriShow platform offers modular services in the form of apps life form fill app or document share app to initiate discussion and support on selected tasks. Thus, the customer has full control to personalize the customer-service session at the bank’s website. The apps also provide tremendous flexibility to the bank representative over selecting particular task functions based on need.
  • Instant Visitors to Prospects Conversion : The bank’s representative can use the VeriShow chat facility with co-browsing and document share to deliver fast and accurate information. This personal engagement technology also facilitates navigated surfing with training to convert new visitors into prospects and eventually into the bank’s customers. This platform offers the speed and accuracy of digital exchange, combined with the security and comfort of human help.
  • Sales Support with the Human Touch : The complete VeriShow platform, with its multi-chat, co-browsing, and content-sharing capabilities offers digital services with a human touch. The bank’s sales support team can navigate new prospects or customers through all queries, banking procedures, and even actual application tasks like form filling.

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