What Has the Global Banking Sector Discovered in Cobrowsing?

According to World News feature, the banking sector seems to have discovered some perceptible in cobrowsing technology. Cobrowsinghas led to easy interactions between banks or financial institutions and their customers. The sales and customer service personnel have found it highly beneficial to be able to view customer-screens in real-time, while helping them from a web-based platform.

The cobrowsing technology comes at a time when most baking customers prefer online banking to a physical branch visit. Increased time pressures and high mobility have compelled the global consumer community to embrace digital banking, which is no longer unsafe or unsustainable.

A technology blog post reported that more customers use online and mobile banking tools per day than those who use ATMs, visit branch offices, or contact call centers. Given the growing popularity of the online and mobile platforms across the globe, the use digital consumer banking is likely to increase over the coming years.

With a technology like cobrowsing, banks get fewer service-desk calls!

Cobrowsing from VeriShow

  • Sales Growth for Banks and Financial Businesses : VeriShow offers a SaaS-based, digital interactive solution which can provide quick, efficient, and personalized customer service to bank’s customers through clients’ desktops or mobile devices. The secured digital unified communication platform promises unlimited benefits to the millennium generation who will influence and shape the future business world, but still want a human touch when communicating with their bank.
  • Live Chat with Same Page Views : Many times during new customer induction, the bank’s representative needs reliable tools for live interactions with training capabilities. The VeriShow unified communication chat and video chat platform with extended cobrowsing facility just allows that.
  • App-Oriented Custom Services : The best part of VeriShow is that individual customers can choose exactly which service support they want by selecting apps.
  • High Prospects-Conversion Ratio : The live video chat along with extended tools can provide the speed and accuracy of digital exchange, along with the security, comfort, and sustenance of brick and mortar banks.
  • Transformational Customer Support : The complete VeriShow platform, with its multi-chat, co-browsing, and content-sharing capabilities offers digital services with a human touch. The bank’s service representative can navigate the customer through all queries, procedures, and tasks.
  • Guided Help with Banking Transactions : When specific digital customers require help with routine banking transactions, they can access live help with guided support from the bank’s representative by launching the VeriShow chat and secured cobrowsing via simple mouse-clicks.

According to Accenture’s Banking Technology Vision 2010, technology has transformed the operational models of banks and financial years over the last five years.

As a natural progression of this technological evolution, the delivery channels and distribution capabilities continue to evolve. Banks need to provide security and privacy of digital transactions, while meeting stringent compliance requirements, and that too at reduced costs and increased profitability.

Sounds impossible? Not with VeriShow.Explore VeriShow’s cobrowsing capability.