Live Chat Integrations

Live Chat Integrations – VeriShow

Add live chat plugin that includes audio and video and real-time content sharing capabilities to a platform you already use!

Chat is often the first step to provide quality online customer service. A full online shopping cart should not be abandoned due to a navigational issues or a question about on specific item or service. Textual chat enables customers to reach out to agents, and agents to reach out proactively to assist customers, but that is often not enough. Though customer service representatives can answer questions or share URLs and documents, often more personal interaction is needed. VeriShow live engagement plugin of Video Chat, Cobrowsing and Content Share capabilities has been designed to integrate with existing chat solutions, content solution and e-commerce platforms.

LivePerson™ – Enhancing live chat

Fully integrated with LivePerson, the platform lets your agents escalate high-priority visitors from a LivePerson live chat to a VeriShow multimedia-based session. This live chat plugin enables your agents to talk to visitors using audio or video, co-browse with them, and share and annotate images, files and videos, highlighting features of particular interest to them.

WordPress™ – Live chat integration for WordPress sites and blogs

WordPress website owners can now provide valuable customer service, sales and marketing support with the VeriShow WordPress plugin. With rich, enhanced chat features that include audio and video capabilities and real-time content-sharing, VeriShow for WordPress, this live chat plugin helps companies do business better online.

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