Customers describe how they use and benefit from VeriShow’s video chat and content-sharing platform

Advanced Gastroenterology of Bergen County is a Professional Corporation owned and operated by five board certified physicans specializing in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology. The practice resides in a suburb of New Jersey only 4 miles from New York City. The practice serves a multicultural patient population from every socioeconomic background. Medical practices are highly competitive in this area and patient demands are great. VeriShow was incorporated into our practice in late 2014 to offer a sophisticated technology solution to help improve patient access to our services. Rather then relying on telephone connection to gain entrance and schedule consultations, follow up visits, and procedures, VeriShow offered a platform via our website for patients and staff to text chat, video chat, and share content regarding registration, insurance eligibility, medical procedures, upcoming visits, diagnostic testing, and a variety of medical treatments. VeriShow quickly improved patient access and decreased endless phone calls that often left patients on hold and decrease access and satisfaction.

After the staff and patients became more more familiar with the VeriShow application, text and video chat were used to instruct patients on proper preparation for endoscopic procedures. Specific content was uploaded onto the system and medical personal was able to instruct patients on the necessary purchases and preparation prior to colonoscopy. This greatly improved patient satisfaction as they were no longer required to read a lengthy handout that was often not reviewed until the evening before the procedure, not allow time for adequate preparation; more importantly, with VeriShow the quality of the preparation was improved because the instructions could be personalized to the patients specific needs and requirements.

Nurse is preparing a patient to a procedure using VeriShow’s video chat and content sharing features

VeriShow is an excellent solution to the growing demands placed on the healthcare industry. Patient entrance into the healthcare marketplace is often stymied by long waits and impersonal service. VeriShow is a solution that minimizes the barriers, eases access, and improves outcomes and satisfaction.

Mitchell K. Spinnell, MD, Managing Partner

Advanced Gastroenterology of Bergen County


As an English Teacher, I’ve been looking everywhere for a good platform to tutor my students on writing.  I tried many different so-called “solutions” and was left frustrated… until I found Verishow!  Now, I have a place where I can conduct demos and “show” my students what I am talking about, as well as write essays on-screen.  No more boring room with little features; now, I have everything I need in one place!  My students arrive with one click.  The support is amazing!  I received such thoughtful care and solutions to my specific requirements!  I’ve been using Verishow successfully with my students and they love it too!  Thank you Verishow!

Charlotte McClain

Middle School English Teacher

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