Online Live Demos

Interactive SaaS Online Live Demonstrations Software

Save time and expense by replacing real travel with online interaction. VeriShow’s online demo software lets you meet face-to-face with clients and employees on the web anywhere, anytime.

What’s the true cost of travel? Transportation and hotel expenses tell just part of the story. The real costs lie in the loss of productivity of employees who travel.

With VeriShow’s live website support & real-time collaboration features, that include text chat, video chat, presentations and image sharing capabilities , co-editing and annotation, your employees can demonstrate products or services and collaborate with clients from the convenience of their own computer or mobile devices.

Online live demos scenario videos

Watch how people use VeriShow in place of face-to-face demos and presentations:

This architect is designing a couple’s dream kitchen. As with all remodeling projects, there are numerous choices to be made and options to be explored. The architect, leveraging VeriShow’s online demo software is able to collaborate with his clients via the web, eliminating time-consuming in-person meetings.

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