Live Customer Support

Redefine Customer Service

Enhance online customer service – and increase your first-contact resolution (FCR) rate – with VeriShow’s Video chat, Cobrowsing and Content Share platform

Quality live customer support has a direct impact on your bottom line; the more customers you retain, the lower your overall costs.

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When your customers have pressing questions or issues, ensure your service reps are able to address them fully the first time they contact you. VeriShow offers a wide range of features to let your online customer support teams do just that.

VeriShow’s omni channel live support platform consists of WebRTC video chat (one or two ways), cobrowser, and content sharing apps that provide real-time help capabilities at the highest level of human interaction. The platform operates on mobile devices, on the web and as in-store smart live stations (in store kiosks).

Live customer support scenarios

A client has brought his car into his dealership repair shop. After examining the car, the repair shop uses the image (document) sharing feature to show the client the extent of the damage and the work that is required. This meeting is conducted via the web, sparing the client an inconvenient trip to the repair shop. VeriShow also lets the repair shop make the repair immediately – and that gets the car back to its owner without delay.

A TV Cable customer does not know how to use his remote control. Rather than direct the customer to an instruction page on its website, a customer care representative uses a combination of VeriShow’s video conferencing and image highlighting to walk the customer through his remote control functions. The interaction also provides an opportunity to up-sell the customer on additional services.

A website visitor requires help with a technical configuration of his/her device. He/she initiates a live support chat by clicking the Live Help Button on the customer support website.

An agent takes the call, chats with the customer and decides it will be easier to discuss the enquiry using video chat as the issue is complex.

The agent then realizes that it would be more efficient to use the content sharing feature. The agent shows the customer a couple of product images and points at particular part they need to press on. The customer then follows the steps as visible on screen and successfully configures his/her phone.

The customer is provided with high-quality customer support service, which is significantly more efficient compared with text-chat or audio-only conversation.

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