Under pressure to remain at the top of the game, companies are rapidly adopting digital tools to retain competitiveness.  While this potentially delivers a range of benefits like increased efficiency and reduced costs, indiscriminate use of such tools can backfire.

Overdoing automation beyond a limit can lead to poor customer experience, resulting in low satisfaction. For example, a bank customer looking to resolve a critical issue may be frustrated if he finds the only options are dropping an email, navigating through lengthy IVR menus or leaving a message.

Emotional Connection from Human Contact Key

According to Accenture Strategy’s Global Consumer Pulse Research,  83 percent  of customers have indicated that they prefer human beings over digital channels for solving customer service issues.

Customers clearly still place value on talking to actual humans when they contact a company.

A failure to have the right balance between digital tools and human touch can result in a company being seen as impersonal and customers feeling that it doesn’t care.

Fortunately, technology itself can provide answers to this conundrum.

VeriShow Offers a Range of Live Support Tools

VeriShow’s platform for Live human support is an all-in-one customer engagement solution that makes it easy to introduce human touch to customer interactions.

This real time virtual communication platform has three product formats:


VeriShow’s tools are invaluable for enhancing online interactions with customers:

  • Co-browser – with cobrowsing, customer service agents can simultaneously interact on a website with a customer without compromising security. In a sales context, product walkthroughs or product demos are made easy with this tool. In dealing with service issues, agents can use co-browser to sort of technical problems, or assist in transactions like form filling.
  • Video Chats – incorporating face-to-face interaction with video chats is a great way for companies to bring in a personalized touch. It puts a face to names, helping build a relationship and also improves efficiency of communication by bringing in clarity.
  • Instant Document transfer – is easy during live sessions with this tool and speeds up transactions due to easy content sharing
    And more supporting features like, whiteboard, chat translator, calculator, etc.


VeriTalk allows companies to combine phone support with live on-screen interaction via cobrowsing. The tool converts a simple phone call into a one-on-one support session with minimum technological demands.


With VeriShare, customers and field representatives can quickly and easily share video or pictures which can make it easier for experts situated remotely to diagnose issues and offer solutions. The product comes with several features such as:

  • Mobile video chat to start talking directly face-to-face
  • Camera switching support involving automatic engagement of both phone cameras of a smartphone for video or photo capture
  • Snapshots feature to quickly take snapshots either from front or rear cameras
  • Real-time sharing and annotation – discuss and annotation of files by both parties

A Solution That Offers Multiple Business Benefits

  • Better productivity for sales and customer service teams
  • Sales cycle moves faster with efficient removal of bottlenecks
  • Lower operating expenses by effective use of technology
  • Stronger customer relationships as a result of deep customer engagement

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