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Empower yourself to sell more with Sales Enablement Tools
December 12, 2016

For every organization, its sales target is one of its biggest priorities. Achieving sales goals requires a skillful sales team that…

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Honda Group Selects VeriShow Automotive
January 25, 2016

With the success of 2015 already in their rear-view mirror, Bryan Honda is already turning their attention to 2016 and topping…

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VeriShow iOS SDK Documentation
October 14, 2015

Copyright HBR Labs LLC. 2008 – 2015. All rights reserved. Overview The VeriShow SDK aims to provide text and video chat…

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When it comes to online shopping, men and women shop differently
When it comes to online shopping, men and women shop differently
August 18, 2015

On the cyber space, women surfers are still in the minority when compare to the men, but gradually the gender gap…

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Real Human Faces Help Conversion Rates of Websites
Real Human Faces Help Conversion Rates of Websites
August 4, 2015

Images have the power to convey strong emotions where words fail. A recent review of popular websites has convinced me without…

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Customer Engagement for Online Sellers
January 14, 2015

As eCommerce activities continue to grow, organizations need to ensure the level of customer support improves and exceeds customers’ expectations. Customer…

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New Dashboard Analytics is Out!
November 25, 2014

VeriShow 5.1 | Release Notes We’ve just released a new VeriShow version, which includes a new Dashboard for usage data, graphs…

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Live Video Help – Like Amazon’s but for Everyone Else
November 20, 2013

Three weeks ago, Amazon launched the ‘Mayday’ button on their Kindle HD tablets. With a single-click, users can spontaneously video conference…

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Why Online Customer Service Must be Personal
December 27, 2012

Online personal customer service has become increasingly important in building long-term relationships with customers and increasing overall companies’ ROI. Experts agree…

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How to Perfect Multi-Channel Support
December 17, 2012

There are many ways to provide customer support and many tools that can be used simultaneously. These tools are complementary and…

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