As eCommerce activities continue to grow, organizations need to ensure the level of customer support improves and exceeds customers’ expectations.

Customer care, pre sales assistance and post sales support have become extremely important differentiators in a growing competitive landscape. Textual chat, although helpful, is less effective in guiding first time users on complex products and services. Today’s businesses are looking for the more sophisticated tools to allow them to both guide and coach customers.

The Bone of Contention

It is increasingly becoming difficult for companies to exceed customers’ expectations and at the same time also close the sale. Although cost effective, online self-help tools provide some help, they are not always the answer. It is easy to brush away the problem by stating that toll-free phone support or textual chat help may resolve such issues. Showing and working together with customers in real time often is far more effective strategy than trying to resolve an issue while trying to guide a customer without using visual aids trying to guess if they understand what the agent says…

The Solution

One solution in this hyper-sensitive-customer age seems to be co-browsing and content share capabilities that are great improvement over the simple live textual chat option or simple phone call. By showing customers can often understand better.

Co-browsing and content share capabilities should not be mistaken for a usual screen sharing option that needs several other Java plugins, which complicate the matter further. Furthermore, neither agents nor customers like to share their screen as that tool often compromises their privacy. Co-browsing and content share capabilities are similar to two people sitting side-by-side and browsing and working on the same documents in the same system. The tools are highly interactive and the customer care representative can talk with the user in real time (voice or voice with video or use textual chat) too. In the case of cobrowsing, some of the co-browsers are intelligent enough to start from where you left behind without losing any of the data. The best part is cookie based information which includes the items in cart is visible on both the ends thus eliminating any need to visualize the things. Solutions also give an option to set the permissions for the users, for example the user can decide if he/she wants the agent to edit the information on the page or just view it (read only option).

Good live engagement with the customer helps increase FCR (First Call Resolution) while help in decreasing the costs associated with repeat calls. As customer can share content with the agents it can also help in addressing the issues faster. Satisfied customers return and serve as great ambassadors for the business.

The plugin that supports co-browsing on secure pages allows the agent to also help users make payments if needed and do so in a secured fashion. Best co-browsing solutions providers allow for easy integration with the websites or the products thanks to a well packaged API.

Why you should opt for a Co-Browsing Solutions?

If you run online commerce activities and wants to exceed customer expectations, you must take a step forward and integrate personal engagement capabilities as part of your on going customer support service strategy. The online marketplace is extremely competitive and any opportunities to help the customer in the pre and post interaction process can lead to more sales and high customer retention rate.