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Omni-channel services: digital transformation of banking
Omni-channel services: pushing digital transformation of banking
August 23, 2017

Making the digital platform core of the business is no longer a choice for companies. Customer expectations have evolved with the…

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Banking Sector 2017 Customers to take more control of their financial re...
Banking Sector 2017: Customers to take more control of their financial relationships
July 27, 2017

The Banking industry will continue seeing in 2017 the rising trend of customers taking a more active role in managing their…

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4-Ways-Tellers-Can-Use-Video Chat to Increase Customer Rapport
4 Ways Tellers Can Use Video Chat to Increase Customer Rapport
July 22, 2017

Banking has experienced sweeping changes with the introduction of technological innovations. Never before have customers had the luxury to choose how…

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Fintech and real-time collaboration
May 16, 2016

Fintech, which is short for financial technology, is one of the hottest industries today, leading the way in introducing innovative solutions…

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