The Banking industry will continue seeing in 2017 the rising trend of customers taking a more active role in managing their finances and their financial relationships online. The advent of digital banking tools like Internet banking, mobile banking, online trading etc. has led to customers becoming far more active in the nitty-gritty handling of banking transactions leading to dramatic change in how customer interactions with banking staff occur.

A BCG report has shown that 43 percent of customers prefer digital only interactions while an equal percentage of customers want a hybrid experience. In a hybrid experience, customers leverage digital tools and facilities along with human support and advice at the right points of time. Customers have clearly indicated that it’s important that an advisor be available who has access to all relevant data points and can help them remotely when needed.

Understandably customer expectations from their banks have undergone a marked change, and in this context banks need to up the ante in terms of the digital tools and capabilities available with them.

Real Time Engagement Tools for Effective Live Support

According to a research survey by consulting firm Accenture, on an average 10 out of the total 17 interactions in a month with a bank are via digital channels. This statistic just underscores how important digital banking has become today and will continue to be so.

For ensuring superior customer experience in such transactions, banks must deploy solutions that offer instant help to customers.

Real time collaboration platforms are today one of the most preferred ways to deliver instantaneous help to banking customers. They help drive increased customer engagement with a suite of tools that bring live interaction to all customer interactions.

  • Co-browsing enables live personal guidance on-screen from banking staff
  • Video chats facilitate face-to-face human interaction for efficient problem solving
  • Secure and quick online sharing of documents while having in-session discussions
  • Form Completion feature that enables agents work with customers on form filling
  • Omni-channel support that encompasses phone support with live online assistance

Tools That Deliver Better Productivity, Stronger Customers Relationships

With the right technology banks can empower both customers and banking staff. Innovative tech solutions like a real time collaboration platform allow customers to fulfil their banking needs, and helps banks to deliver superior customer service, even in remote interactions.

The platform delivers several tangible operational benefits, which ultimately translates into sustained customer trust and satisfaction:

  • With live and direct interaction at the time of the need, Banking customer service agents ensure that the customer receives timely and most suitable help.
  • Sales and service teams experience better productivities as they are able to understand issues better and deliver improved first call resolutions
  • The tools bring in cost efficiencies as agents are able to handle higher number of issues individually.

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