The introduction of new digital tools of communication has revolutionized the way we talk to each other.

People today don’t just rely on phone calls or emails to communicate when remotely located, but use multiple platforms like instant messaging, video calls to remain in touch.

In fact, Facebook has reported that nearly 17 billion video calls were made in 2017 using the Messenger app, double of last year –  which showcases just how popular and important this form of communication has become.

Customers Expect Companies to Do Better

Customers’ expectations of interacting with companies is changing as well. More and more people expect to be able to interact with companies in the moment, across platforms, particularly in complex situations like a sale or product complaints.

Businesses must respond to the fast-gaining popularity of instant communication and video chat, by incorporating solutions in areas involving direct interface with customers such as sales discussions or technical troubleshooting.

Some of the clear advantages that video chats can deliver are:

  1. Simplifies discussions : Video chats reduces chances of misunderstanding or miscommunication as customers can clear express their requirements or show the company representatives their problem.  This ensures that the agents fully understand customer needs and address them without any errors or delay.
  2. Personalized attention : Video chats bring in face-to-face interactions even when the customer is geographically distant. Agents can add personalization to their interactions and address specific issues faced by customers via conversations, which goes a long way in ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.
  3. Increases trust and rapport : With better communication and more effective interactions, customers develop stronger levels of trust in the company. Video chats help agents to build on their rapport with the customers which is again key for strengthening customer relationships.
  4. Incorporates non-verbal communication : It is widely known that 70% of communication is non-verbal. In video chats this aspect is not lost and agents are able to respond to customers’ facial cues or body language to respond appropriately. This can be invaluable in sales transactions to address unexpressed worries or doubts of customers.
  5. Reduces operational costs : Video chats can be particularly useful in situations where in-personal interaction are thought to be essential for success. Often companies end up requiring in-person visits for complex transactions which can add costs and also inconvenience customers. In many situations if not all, this can be avoided with video chats.

Get Video Chats and More with Real Time Engagement Platform

Live interaction can play a significant role in boosting customer engagement and satisfaction. Real time virtual collaboration suite contains a range of tools in addition to video chats which deliver a much richer customer experience online.

  • Cobrowsing allows agents to simultaneously navigate a website page with a customer for securely providing live on-screen guidance
  • Omni-channel support via VeriShare combines phone and video for comprehensive discussions
  • Content sharing with Instant and safe transfer of documents during live sessions
  • And of course, video chats that bring human touch to interactions.