Efficient and effective customer service is one of  cornerstones of success for businesses. Companies deploy complex technological solutions like CRM systems that can manage and leverage customer relationships and data. These help companies to get a deep understanding of the customer based on previous interactions and available information, based on which customer service agents can offer customized responses.

CRM tools typically include real-time engagement tools such as live chat to ease the process of communication with customers. Adding co-browsing gives an additional layer of engagement that makes the interaction richer and more humanized.

Co-browsing is fast gaining ground as a high impact tool as companies increasingly look to integrate visual engagement in their digital interactions. According to recent research, 59 percent of companies are leveraging capabilities that enable a visual interface.

In co-browsing, the customer service representative can jointly browse the website with the customer without compromising the privacy of the customer. The company representative can navigate through the site, supporting and collaborating with the customer through his journey on the site, closely mimicking the quality of customer-service provided in-person.

Adding this layer of visual interaction within your CRM can therefore give you an all-in-one powerful package for delivering personalized and compelling customer service:

  1. Add visual engagement to your customer interaction: By using co-browsing your customer interactions become more engaging. Product demonstration, process explanations or troubleshooting can all be augmented with visual elements and will result in higher levels of engagement on the customer’s side.
  1. Enhance Customer Experience: Co-browsing can be used in a variety of situations including exploring product range, describing a complex process or filling up forms. In every scenario, customers get the benefit of knowledgeable staff supporting them step-by-step, enriching their interaction, and resulting in satisfied and happy customers.
  1. Increase conversions and speed up buying process: Sales can be a complex process especially when done remotely. Persuading a customer of product benefits or explaining features can be amplified by using visual cues. Customers are more reassured and convinced by having a sales representative showcase their points visually rather than relying only on textual conversation alone. It is also helpful if customer require hand-holding in a complicated process during a purchase process like filling in mortgage applications.
  1. Improve first-call-resolution rate: A critical factor for high levels of customer satisfaction is resolving customer issues quickly right when they are raised. Customers become frustrated when they have to approach the company repeatedly for a problem. Using visual tool like co-browsing along with live chat, customer service executives can tackle even complicated issues since customers can show agents the issue.
Boost the Power of your CRM system with Cobrowsing Software

Adopting the use of cobrowser within your CRM can greatly influence the quality of customer service you are delivering. You will be empowering your sales staff to go beyond the norm to deliver superior customer service. What’s more deploying this technology involves minimal cost, hassle and disruption since it seamlessly integrates with the host CRM system.