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VeriShow’s Video Chat Kiosk Now Used by TravelersBox in Airports
December 23, 2015

TravelersBox is the leading provider of offline-to-online currency services allowing travelers to convert leftover foreign change and bills into usable digital…

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VeriShow for Salesforce - Customer Service with Video Chat & Co-Browsing
VeriShow for Salesforce: Customer Service with Video Chat & Co-Browsing
August 19, 2015

For enhanced sales and customer-service performance, businesses have to reinvent their online sales and customer support strategies. In today’s global market,…

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Video Chat & Co-browsing on Mobile Improvements| VeriShow 6.1
August 10, 2015

We have been working hard over the past few months on a new and improved version of VeriShow. We have released closed beta versions and are now glad to announce the new and major new VeriShow release, 6.0. This release includes a new, HTML5-based customer experience

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New HTML5 Customer Experience, WebRTC recording - VeriShow 6.0
New HTML5 Customer Experience, WebRTC recording | VeriShow 6.0
August 10, 2015

VeriShow 6.0 | Release notes We have been working hard over the past few months on a new and improved version of VeriShow….

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WebRTC Technology & High Quality Video Chat
February 3, 2015

What is Web RTC? WebRTC stand for Web Real-Time Communication. It is an API definition drafted by the World Wide Web…

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Video Chat: A Major Transition from the Telepresence Industry
January 29, 2015

At one time, the telepresence industry was monopolized by industry bigwigs like Cisco with billion-dollar footprints across large business houses only….

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New Visitor’s Camera app, Improved Video Chat and More!
June 9, 2014

VeriShow 4.9.5 | Release Notes This new VeriShow release includes improvements to audio/video chat, a new app called ‘Visitor’s Camera’ and…

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Security Enhancements, Video Chat Improvements and More!
April 28, 2014

VeriShow 4.9.4 | Release Notes A new VeriShow release is out, which includes improvements to the platform’s security, improvements to WebRTC…

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Improved Mobile Look & Feel & New Content Sharing
February 10, 2014

VeriShow 4.9.2 | Release Notes This new release includes the addition of real-time content sharing with mobile visitors, improved mobile chat…

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Improved WebRTC Video Chat & Mobile Chat
December 29, 2013

VeriShow 4.9.1 | Release Notes In this new release that comes out just before the new year, we made improvements to…

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