VeriShow 4.9.2 | Release Notes

This new release includes the addition of real-time content sharing with mobile visitors, improved mobile chat and various other other enhancements.

Improved Chat & New Content Sharing in Mobile

The support for browser-based mobile interaction has been enhanced as follows:

  • Agent & Customer content sharing in mobile – the agent can now share content with mobile / tablet visitors and annotate it using the Share File app. The agent can also use the Visitor’s Doc app to allow the mobile / tablet user to share and image or document from his/her Android / iOS device.
  • New mobile chat look and feel – The chat now includes the agent image, has an improved layout simply looks smarter!

Mobile Interface.

Screenshot of mobile chat with content being shared

Audio / Video Chat Improvements

We’ve added some notifications that relate to audio / video usage, as follows

  • Chrome “double” allow – When carrying out an audio/video interaction in Chrome while the other user using another browser, we now show a ‘Click Allow’ notification at the top in addition to the standard ‘Accept’ button presented by Flash when starting audio or video. This is to ensure that the permission required by Chrome is not missed.
  • Visitor behind firewall message – If we identify that the visitor is having an audio/video connectivity issue potentially due to a firewall, we now inform that to the agent using a notification below the audio/video buttons.

Email Signature.

New Email Signature Button & Personal Contact Page

A new cool feature now allows you to place a ‘Video Chat with Me’ button in your email signature! Anyone clicking on that button in your email signature will reach your own personal page (which you can edit in the backend) and contact you with VeriShow as long as you are logged into the platform. If you are not available, the visitor will be able to leave you a message.

Personal Page.

The new personal page

Other improvements

  • Updated chat window for LivePerson integration – we’ve updated the chat window used in LivePerson integration due to some identified issues such as not being able to change the chat window size.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Questions? Want a demo?

If you have any questions please contact us. If you would like to see the mobile solution in action, please contact us for a demo.