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Be up-to-date with new sales tools by enabling your sales team
December 20, 2016

Sales processes usually become disjointed and without any consistency, because of the massive amount of files and contents that passes through…

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Do you have the correct tools that enable your team to thrive?
November 22, 2016

With digitization of information, shopping, newspapers, and other expectations of information customers in every field of business have been soaring. This…

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On Premise Information kiosks can Provide the best Assistance to Travelers at the Airport
On Premise Information Kiosks can Provide the best Assistance to Travelers at the Airport
March 8, 2016

Whenever a person has travel plans on his list, there are always hassles at an airport. Airports always try their best…

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Three trends shaping the future of customer service
November 19, 2015

Customer service has evolved significantly over the years from call centers with low-key technological approach to multi-channel call centers with evolved…

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Improved Mobile Look & Feel & New Content Sharing
February 10, 2014

VeriShow 4.9.2 | Release Notes This new release includes the addition of real-time content sharing with mobile visitors, improved mobile chat…

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