Customer service has evolved significantly over the years from call centers with low-key technological approach to multi-channel call centers with evolved technological advances. With the emergence of cloud technologies and a need for an increase in customer engagement, every business needs to pay attention to the changing trends in the world of customer satisfaction.

While it may seem impossible for smaller businesses to compete with major brands and expand quickly, there are a few ways do so without much hassle. These ways are technologically advanced solutions directed at companies, of all sizes, to attain high quality customer service and satisfaction. Making a customer feel satisfied and happy establishes loyalty, trust, and goodwill for a business

It also encourages the customer to return for additional transactions.

Three technological applications for better customer service that are taking the world by storm.
  1. Video Chat: Making use of this application for resolving a query from a customer has become mandatory. Video chat lets both the consumer and the CSR to participate in a face-to – face conversation wherein the consumer can ask any questions of the CSR without delay. This application significantly increases the pace at which a consumer completes a transaction online. The instant support provided by the CSR. According to, “4 eCommerce benefits of Video Chat software”, Video chat increases the likelihood of a consumer purchasing the product during live chat and urges him to leave great reviews of the product.
  1. Co-browsing: This application can make up for the best ever customer engagement platform when paired with Video Chat. A customer service representative can, in real time, supervise the customer while he is browsing through the website and respond to him instantly. Co-browsing provides the CSR with insight into the customer’s mind while going through the payment processes online. This essentially makes it a lot easier for the CSR to find the exact root of the query and respond to it immediately.
  1. Content Sharing: This application essentially lets one person share any kind of content or information with another, instantly. This makes the transfer of information, extremely smooth, between two parties. Content sharing application is highly useful when it comes to sharing important information online and it is, undoubtedly, hassle-free. Use of this application ensures that you do not miss out on any important points while sharing content.

The bottom-line is, as technology faces evolution and customers demand more, one simply cannot sit with an outdated strategy. Today, the consumer decides whether a business climbs the mountain of success or goes down the hill of failure. Customer satisfaction and engagement are the two top ways to make a business flourish. It is time that businesses start putting their customers on priority and achieve their satisfaction in order to prosper. A business has to strive to thrive and the use of these applications makes it simpler and a much easier process.