With digitization of information, shopping, newspapers, and other expectations of information customers in every field of business have been soaring. This eventually leads to a rapid rise in enquiries and complaints by customers. But are the companies equipped with latest and appropriate tools to handle these with a matching speed? There are a host of the businesses which are still using customer support tools and practices that are incorrect, poor and age-old. If your support team is following any of the conventional tools mentioned below, it perhaps requires some serious remodelling.

  1. Email for complaints- Providing an email id on the website at which customers can send emails to register their complaints is one of the oldest and inefficient tools of customer service.
  2. Text chat- Many websites have ‘live chat’ option for their visitors or potential customers to communicate with them but in many cases, it has been seen that agents are not present online to respond to queries or complaints in real-time.
  3. Interactive Voice Response- A system in which computer interacts with humans and gives pre-set responses to their inputs is IVR. In this system, there is hardly any scope for customers to convey any messages other than what the system allows.

Apart from being outmoded, these tools are also known to be inefficient and ineffective ways of providing customer services. These could be making it difficult for your customers to interact with your business without you having even the slightest idea of the issue. It is high time that these outdated apps be replaced by some modern tools and techniques which are far more efficient and result oriented. VeriShow brings some absolutely ingenious tools for customer support that accord instant and correct solutions to all sorts of customer complaints. Try one or more of these to set your customer support and sales systems right.

  1. Co-Browsing– This application allows customer support executives to co-browse the website with the customer. Companies can choose the right Co-Browsing software out of all those from VeriShow to be able to share information on the website and assist clients in buying process in a great way. So besides offering help to the clients with the information they require, this tool is also an excellent way to boost sales. It isn’t the conventional screen sharing app, but a really modern and easy to install customer support solution.
  2. Video Live Chat– Another contemporary customer support tool by VeriShow that lets your executive have a personalised one-on-one Video Chat with your customer. Enabling excellent quality video chat without having to launch any complicated installations or software, this tool is a superb way of connecting customer support representatives and clients. Video can be enabled on one or both sides and can also be recorded and saved for future reference.
  3. Interactive Content Sharing– It was only a few decades ago that customers would visit the seller’s office or store to get their complaints and concerns heard, and this was actually quite an effective way of solving issues. You can still offer the same personal attention to all your troubled clients by making use of Interactive Content Sharing tool by VeriShow. The tool allows customer support agent to share images, documents, videos or other content over a browser-based live session.
  4. VeriTalk– The most inventive and practically feasible of all the customer support tools by VeriShow, it allows customers to talk to support agents on phone while sharing offline content and co-browsing with them simultaneously. Apart from sales support or complaint resolution, this tool also works wonders for technical support as well. When the customer visits the company website, a unique assistance ID can be generated which needs to be conveyed to the agent over phone to instantly enable a co-browsing session.
  5. VeriShare– A greatly utile application for situations in which instant remote help can resolve customers’ issues, VeriShare lets customers and/or agents share screenshots of images or from videos and have a real-time discussion with each other. A VeriShare session can be initiated during a phone call or even during a live text chat and enables sharing of live video/image or even take a snapshot.

Choose the tool(s) that best suit your needs to not let go your client’s concerns unheard! You can also request a demo to have an even better and hands-on knowledge of these tools.