Sales processes usually become disjointed and without any consistency, because of the massive amount of files and contents that passes through the sales representatives, various challenges that the sales reps have to go through every day, the online issues and the offline activities for marketing and yes, not to mention, the exploding digital marketing. Business growth is driven by the sales and marketing. In order to get on the right track and get in the process of sales enablement, reaching up to the goals of the business, empowering the representatives of sales with proper assets is very important.

The data are analysed and collected from various resources. Sales enablement is all about identifying and centralising the valuable asset of the company, finding out the best opportunities, and enabling your team to use them efficiently.

For a proper campaign management, utilizing the data that are collected for the company, for making much of the important deals and projects, this sales enablement tool would help a lot for leveraging the sales functions. You can help your customers overcome cyber-anxiety.

Cyber anxiety can be eliminated by using the sales enablement tools that would help in building up the trust amongst the clients and customer directly through various means. Following are some of the VeriShow’s patented uses with which the customers can utilise and enhance their efficiency, increasing the sales with these tools.


Clients and customers who are remotely located can get in touch with the representatives, can share the information and view the sites in a synchronised manner using co-browsing. People who use VeriShow can use this feature and this enables the users to view the sites real-time with the customers on site. This helps in sharing information, discuss the products, and come to a conclusion and buy the product. The sales can be increased with this because the issues are solved instantly by getting in touch one to one.  The best part of this tool and its feature for co-browsing is that there is no proxy server for browsing the site and there is no Java that would restrict the users with a limit.

Content sharing:

This feature enables the users to share, view content, videos, files, documents in real time with the customers. Even if the customers are in remote places, you can view them together just like they are with you and discussing the documents and issues. The live sessions in the browser help the customers share the documents and files and it enables an instant share with the other customer without any delay. The share files and visitor’s doc app help the customers and the agents to share and view the content respectively.

Filling up the forms:

The form completion can also be done with the help of VeriShow. The online forms can be simultaneously filled and completed by the agents and the customers at the same time. It is recommended that the files should be of 2MB or lesser so as to make it quicker and easier for the customers and agents to upload and view the file. Any number of files can be uploaded and shared.


The online collaborative whiteboards also help to brainstorm and get the details about the requirements, changes, modifications feedbacks the customer wishes to give the agent and either party can then save it as a pdf file. You can do all the explanations here using this feature of the tool.  These are compatible with any resolution screens and can be used on any device.

Veritalk :

This is another best features of this sales enablement tools. You can use this feature to talk to your customer or client who’s in a remote place. You can use the other features such a small whiteboard, simultaneously and can get the best results out of it. You need not waste your time in installation and plug in settings. You can straight away get into calls and talk to your customer right away. All your customer needs is a Unique Assistance ID seen on your website by the customer and enter it to start the session.

Enable you customers with the tools that ease their tasks of connecting with customers and assisting them in a better way with real-time help.