VeriShow 4.9.5 | Release Notes

This new VeriShow release includes improvements to audio/video chat, a new app called ‘Visitor’s Camera’ and various bug fixes.

Updates to Audio/Video Chat

The following improvements were made with regard to video chat:

  • Echo cancellation – We have optimized echo reduction in non-WebRTC video chats – this applies to when using speakers, rather than a headset and is particularly noticeable in higher volume levels.
  • Improved video quality – We have updated the encoding of the video chat (in non-WebRTC video) to H264. This provides a higher quality video image.

Visitor’s Camera App

A new application is now available (currently upon request) in VeriShow. This application allows the visitor to broadcast a large video stream of themselves or of an object for example using their webcam. The agent who views the stream can capture an single image at any point and save it. The agent can also let the customer take the snapshot at his/her end.

The application is suitable for situations where a snapshot of the visitor’s video is to be taken, for example as a proof of ID, or picture of a broken or damaged product. We will provide more details on this new app in an upcoming blog post.

Bug fixes

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Fixed UI Issues in Audio/Video chat (WebRTC) in Chrome/Chrome interactions – Instances of “frozen” agent/visitor image after stopping video, microphone icon that remains at bottom right corner at the end of a conversation, and volume bar that does not show volume level in audio-only mode.
  • WebRTC video chat shows black video stream – We’ve addressed this issue that occurred in some network configurations.


Please contact contact us if you have any questions or would like to try the new Visitor’s Camera app!