VeriShow 4.9.1 | Release Notes

In this new release that comes out just before the new year, we made improvements to WebRTC-based audio/video chat, to our browser-based mobile chat and carried out various bug fixes.

Improved WebRTC

WebRTC is currently supported in Agent/Customer Chrome to Chrome interactions – WebRTC provides superior audio and video chats with high quality picture, sound and low latency.

We’ve made technical as well as user experience improvements to audio and video chats that utilize WebRTC:

  • Stability – WebRTC usage is now more stable and consistent across different network configurations.
  • User experience – As it is easy to missing Chrome’s WebRTC request to access mic/microphone we’ve added a message to agent / customer to remind them to allow to access.

Improved Mobile Chat

We’ve improved VeriShow’s browser-based mobile infrastructure, also as part of planned future development. Mobile chat now includes:

  • Full chat window – there are now three modes of chat; full window, small window and minimized. This is to let the customer change their view in case they want to view the web page behind. This will also be utilized when the mobile co-browsing feature is released.
  • Improved infrastructure and mobile device support – We’ve made technical improvements to our browser-based infrastructure and improved the support for different Android and iOS devices.

Bug fixes and stability

This version also addressed some bugs and stability issues:

  • Starting a chat – An infrequent but important issue of not being able to connect with an agent (agent not getting a call) or agent getting “Session was taken by another agent” when answering a call has now been resolved.
  • UI issues – Various issues related to UI layout in particular with regard to co-browsing have been resolved. These include unnecessary space above chat in co-browsing and issues when switching between co-browsing and shared content.

Questions? Want a demo?

If you have any questions please contact us. If you would like to see VeriShow in action, please contact us for a demo. Happy new year! We look forward to providing exciting new features in 2014!