For enhanced sales and customer-service performance, businesses have to reinvent their online sales and customer support strategies. In today’s global market, customers expect their online support requests to be resolved instantly and effectively.

Competition and emergence of new digital platforms means that customer-support departments need to occasionally be more personal in the way they interact with customers and have to deploy new strategies including integrations with CRM solutions to make their service more efficient.

Aberdeen Group’s recent research study, Co-Browsing in Customer Service: The Path to Just-in-Time Customer Engagement sees instant benefit from using cobrowsing and screen-sharing technologies that can help clarifies context and content to customers when needed. Co-browsing for example, can help reduce the time it takes a representative to show a customer a specific item and help them continue specific process or even making a quicker buying decision.

Most consumers report that the availability of customer representatives via live video chat would significantly enhance their online or mobile e-commerce experience. VeriShow’s interactive SaaS platform with live video chat, co-browsing, and content sharing functionalities provide the right answer to the need to provide more personal and effective online help. VeriShow integration with CRM solutions such as Salesforce is a good example to how effective personal engagement solution can run within a CRM solution.

Not just customer service – personalized customer engagement platform

Textual chat is a helpful tool for solving certain online issues. However, being able to escalate such engagement to a face-to-face interaction can be very helpful in certain situations where personal touch could be more effective in addressing a customer’s need. Live video chat opens up the possibility for more personalized engagement.

The VeriShow live engagement plug-in for Salesforce has been designed to blend with Salesforce’s Live Agent chat platform. For co-browsing, VeriShow’s co-browsing API also integrates smoothly with Live Agent solution; and the same is true for VeriShow’s ability to integrate Document Share capabilities with Live Agent. When an agent uses Live Agent with VeriShow, it allows them to view and work together turning Salesforce CRM solution to an active personal customer service solution.

VeriShow redefines Salesforce’s Live Agent capabilities

By integrating the VeriShow platform with Salesforce Live agent companies gain:

  • Increase in first call resolution rate for issues that need more in-depth attention
  • Ability to assist customers while browsing their site
  • Ability to support customers while sharing documents
  • Ability to show human face when it can be helpful
  • Assisted in off line form completion
VeriShow integration with Salesforce offers the following benefits:
  • Higher conversion rates– by adding video chat, conversion rate can increase by 30% over text chat and by adding content share and co-browsing capabilities, there can be additional 50% increase over text chat.
  • Increased agent productivity– The co-browsing capability enables resolution of customer issues in real time, which creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty. Furthermore, the direct interactions with customer screens allow the agents to navigate and control the customer session from start to finish.The best part of VeriShow’s co-browsing technology is that customers, while sharing screens with agents, can selectively hide sensitive data from the agent’s view by using VeriShow field masking capabilities.
  • Energizing Sales and Service Clouds – With VeriShow, Salesforce now offer live chat services with new personalized capabilities allowing companies to offer from within Salesforce CRM better customer service and by doing so increase customers’ overall satisfaction.