VeriShow 6.0 | Release notes

We have been working hard over the past few months on a new and improved version of VeriShow. We have released closed beta versions and are now glad to announce the new and major new VeriShow release, 6.0. This release includes a new, HTML5-based customer experience with significantly improved flow and modern look and feel. In addition, we now support WebRTC video chat recording!

New Design & Improved Customer Experience

The customer experience has been improved in various ways, which include:

  • Faster loading – chat window now loads faster on the customer and agent side. In addition, when opening content, the content sharing area loads faster at the customer side.
  • Improved flow – the window now opens as an overlay (aka “light window”), rather than in a new pop-up window. It opens over the existing web page.
  • Contemporary look and feel – the window’s size, colors, buttons, icons, alerts etc have been updated with a new, flat, contemporary design.
  • Customization – the look and feel can be customized to match the website or brand colors.
  • Agent side update – The menu and UI has been redesign and now more appealing and faster to use.
  • New buttons – in addition to supporting buttons that are in-page, or float on the right or left, we also support bottom-right/left buttons. The window opens (animates) from the direction where the button is embedded.
  • Mobile update – new look and feel and customer experience now delivers a more pleasant experience where chat and co-browsing is supported (more to come soon).

Live text and video chat, customer side


Video chat and co-browsing, customer side


Agent’s improved look and feel of VeriShow’s app menu


New WebRTC Screen Sharing App
We have developed a new Screen Sharing application (still in Beta), which allows the agent to share his/her screen in high-quality, low-latency – truly the best screen sharing app we have produced to date. This app is supported when customers use a Chrome or a recent Firefox browser (31+).                             WebRTC Screen Sharing - VeriShow
WebRTC Video Chat recording

We now support video chat recording with the following features:

  • Audio or video chat recording – whether audio-only is used or video and audio are used, these are recorded and can be played back at a later point.
  • Chrome and Firefox – These WebRTC-supported browsers are supported in the solution
  • Recording destination – The recordings are saved on the VeriShow server by default, however, we will provide an option to save these on another server (e.g. for regulation aspects).
Other resolved issues

We have addressed various bugs in this release; ones that are important to note are:

  • Second chat on iOS issue – there were cases where a second attempt to start chat on iOS devices resulted in no connection with the agent.
  • Website visitors ring issue – occasionally, customer clicking on a button would not appear on the website visitors list, unless it was manually refreshed.
More to Come

As this release includes many changes and updates, we are releasing these in stages and are will be releasing these in the coming versions, such as further mobile support.

Interested in the New Version?

We are rolling out this new version in stages. If you are already a VeriShow customer and have not heard from us yet, please reach out to your account manager to receive more details on the new release and request an upgrade. If not already a customer, please contact us and we will be happy to demonstrate this new and improved solution.


If you have any questions or would like to receive further details on this new version, please contact us.