The role of high customer satisfaction in a company’s success cannot be underestimated. Research has shown that a happy customer contributes 17 times more to the profit of a company than a dissatisfied customer.  Satisfied customers are more likely to repurchase from the company, recommend it to others and provide positive testimonials on forums like social networks, all of which puts the company on path to sustained strong revenue growth in addition to giving it a formidable competitive edge.

Given the sheer extent to which satisfied customers can impact a business, it is imperative that all organizations place priority in ensuring that their processes and practices are centered on delivering great customer experience. Companies seeking to deliver more than just customer satisfaction need to identify ways to delight the customer at every interaction.

Responsive Customer Support Can Create Customer Happiness

Strong customer connect is a first step to customer happiness.  Having a culture that focusses on regular and meaningful interaction encourages company representatives to develop a deep understanding customer’s needs, concerns and expectations.  This empowers customer service agents to provide customer service that is attuned to customer and his priorities, making him feel valued. A strong relationship develops and builds trust that results in long-term loyalty.

So beyond having a great product, providing empathetic and responsive customer support is a vital ingredient for customer happiness.  At every touchpoint, companies have opportunity to delight the customer by providing service that meets their needs while providing a memorable experience. The use of real-time engagement tools like Live video chat, Live co-browsing and content sharing sessions, etc. makes this easier. Customers browsing through the website and feeling the need to reach out will now be able to take advantage of new click-to-call feature to seek live help rather than having wait for a response.

Easy-to-deploy, secure and cost effective, the virtual engagement platform has a wide range of tools such as live video chat, co-browsing, and online form filling, live video sharing, and online document sharing that facilitate live and enriched customer interaction.

Delivering Customer Happiness Consistently

Customer support agents must use every interaction opportunity for understanding needs and delivering topnotch customer service, as it fosters a strong relationship. With the right kind of support, customers feel valued and form a deep bond with the brand.

Delivering customer happiness requires open communication and prompt response and most importantly, a commitment to meet customer needs consistently.

Following are six key steps that can ensure that customers are not just satisfied but happy:
  1. Have personalized interactions – When company representatives show authentic interest in understanding customer needs and respond with prompt support, customers feel that the truly company cares. By providing guided and personal support through tools like co-browsing and live video sharing, a company can demonstrate its commitment towards providing effective service.
  1. Provide Effective Multi-format service – The presence of omni-channel support provides assurance to customers that they can reach out using any form that is convenient to them – be it live text chat, or video discussion. Customers can choose between audio, video or textual support as per customer needs and convenience.
  1. One-Call Resolution –If a customer has to repeatedly approach the company to solve an issue, it can result in frustration leading to dissatisfaction. Having direct one-on-one interactions using channels like live video chat are a great way to improve understanding and communication during the process of problem resolution as it is interactive and provides immediate clarity.
  1. Visual Support – Till recently online channels did not have the facility of face-to-face communication. But the technology of live video chat has enabled a revolution in this aspect. Companies can now offer customers the opportunity to engage in face-to-face discussions which bring a whole new level of connection. Company representatives develop better understanding while customers feel valued with personalized assistance.
  1. Offer Quick Responses – Equally essential for good customer service is providing solutions with minimum delay – no hold time or long reply deadlines. One-click support offered by real-time engagement tools that are answered by live persons makes sure that the customer has access to human support.
  1. Deliver Intuitive Support – Thanks to the context-aware support offered by these tools, customer support agents can provide accurate and customized responses to customer’s problems in the medium of choice without customers having to repeatedly explain their problem, making the customer’s experience delightful.