One of the most critical focus areas for online retailing is delivering high-quality customer service because without it, customers tend to abandon their journey on the site at the slightest hint of a problem. It is not surprising to see websites emphasize  technological solutions that support superior customer service.

With an Omni channel strategy in place, organizations give customers the flexibility to choose the most convenient option for them to reach out to the company. The 5 biggest benefits from the Omni channel live engagement tools are:

  1. Reduces Cart Abandonment: Cart abandonment is a challenge faced by all online sites with the rate of abandonment said to be almost 68 percent. This leads to revenue loss and poor conversion ratios affecting the business performance significantly. Live engagement tools help to counter this by offering the customer the option to quickly reach out to a company executive and get answers.
  1. Real-time Customer Service: Online customers are often time-scarce. They don’t have the time to go through tedious toll-free numbers. Live engagement tools such as live online chat facilitates real-time interaction and your staff will be able to quickly step in to handle customer queries. Customers appreciate such responsiveness creating a positive experience.
  1. Increases Conversions & Revenues: More often than not customers may get stuck while buying something online. Perhaps they have an urgent problem or they are struggling with a complicated process. In such cases real-time engagement tools are invaluable since they can guide the customer through the process and close the sale. They reduce customer complaints or solve them quickly, which increases revenues over the long run.
  1. Build Customer Relationships: A business is built on the foundation of strong customer relationships. Fundamental to achieving this is understanding the requirements and needs of customers. Live engagement tools facilitate dialogue between your staff and the customers. This helps in personalized attention such as recommendation of the right product and in fact enhances the experience thanks to features such as co-browsing.
  1. Easy and Cost Effective Solution: Technology need not be complicated and expensive. Virtual engagement platforms are simple to use and simple to deploy, requiring only a web-browser.
Ensure the long-term success of your business with virtual tools

Flexible and intuitive, the powerful suite of real-time engagement tools can help you deliver customer service that can set you apart and better your business performance:

  • Co-browsing: Using this tool you can initiate a session of simultaneous browsing whereby you can walk your customer through the site, or support a difficult task such as filling a form.
  • Live Chat: With live chat online retailers are able to engage customers in real-time to understand their needs or assist them.
  • Video Chat: Face-to-face interaction can now happen even on online channels using the innovative click-to-call live video chat.
  • Content sharing : This service can quickly transfer documents, images and files simultaneous while co-browsing, helping to cut out time spent in sorting paperwork.