Video Chat: Best Digital Dealership Solution for Car Buyers

 J.D. Power 2014 New Auto shopper Study reports that an overwhelming majority (96%) of automotive Internet users (AIUs) use their desktop or laptop computers for automotive research. Thirty percent of AIUs employ a tablet device—up from 25% in last year’s study—and 28% use a smartphone to conduct their research, an increase from 23% in 2013.  Clearly, technologically-enabled website can positively influence the car buying decision as well.

Today’s Car shoppers are digital car shoppers

In the new competitive market place for car sales, car dealerships’ owners that adjust to the emerging digital car sales era can build a sustainable growth for years to come. Strategies that should be included are:

  • Dealerships need to accept and embrace the new practice where potential buyers use their digital devices to verify information and price while at the dealership. They need to provide complete transparency with price, value propositions, as well as product offering in order to build trust with these savvy new-vehicle shoppers.
  • Dealerships need to build web sites that let them personalize the visitor experience so that they can differentiate themselves through their products and services as well as the quality of the personal engagement.
  • Share testimonials of customers who are willing to tell their stories and positive experiences.

A Complete Personal Engagements Solution for Car Dealerships: VeriShow

According VeriShow CEO Yuval Moed, [the VeriShow platform] is designed to meet the needs of the new emerging customer who wants to interact in person with agents. “You don’t walk into a dealership before you have done some research at home and met your salesperson in person,” states Moed.

Thus the video chat offers immense opportunities for enhanced customer service and customer conversion during the information research phase.

  • Live Interaction for Digital Sales : Car dealership representatives are interested in instantly engaging website visitors, so that they can convert some visitors into customers. As auto industry research states that 75% to 80% of the vehicle purchasing is over before customers actually visit physical showrooms, the video chat platform is ideal for quickly converting prospects into customers by delivering accurate and sufficient information.
  • Differentiated Customer Service : While customers engage in person with representatives via text chat, video chat, or phone, they have the additional facility of co-browsing specific site pages so that they can receive instant, guided help on application forms for car- insurance, offer for their old car, or a price quotes.
  • Real-time Content Sharing : If a car dealer’s representative needs to conduct price comparisons between comparable car models, then they can launch the content-sharing tool where they can share documents, video clips, and images.
  • Complete security of online transactions : Although the dealership’s representative can co-browse pages with the customer and help in the task of completing any financial transaction, all customer fields related to private information are “masked” and the representative does not have access to any of that information.
  • Platform independent Solution : The VeriShow platform is a SaaS solution that can run on both iOS and Windows PC as well as mobile devices.

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