Share Documents Online While Video Chatting in Auto Industry

According to J.D. Power 2014 New Autoshopper Study, auto shoppers use approximately 24 “research touch points,” on the digital landscape to complete the pre-buying process. Nearly half of the prospects conducting online research contact the car dealers online and; and the prospects walk into the brick-and-mortar showrooms only to close deals. This strong trend validates the digital customer’s preoccupation with information in many different forms.

On the auto dealership end, the above trend implies that dealers accept the new practice of delivering information through the digital media, so that potential customers can use their digital devices to verify information or auto price while at the dealership.  Moreover, dealerships should deploy websites that are designed to personalize the visitor experience, because the “personal engagement” will create a real differentiator in the marketplace.

The global automotive industry, which may include vehicle dealers, vehicle parts outlets, vehicle repair and maintenance businesses, and auto insurers, must rapidly integrate technological solutions in their portals or websites to remain competitive. Moreover, the technology adoption cannot be disintegrated or divergent; it must be unified and consistent across portals networks for creating a “brand” feel.

Today’s smart, tech-savvy automotive customers want personalized and differentiated customers service delivered through online portals, such as instant comparisons of auto insurance policies, a wide choice of dealers, special price offers, custom configurations for their vehicles, and much more. These extended services, along with live customer testimonials, can help build a strong reputation for a vehicle manufacturer or dealer, or auto industry peripheral businesses.

VeriShow’s Tool to Share Documents Online: Differentiated Customer-Service Solution.

VeriShow’s creator, HRB Lab’s Yuval Moed states: “We don’t envision a situation when we would be replacing real life. We are just creating more opportunities to be more efficient. We want customers to be able to make more educated decisions.”

  • Chat and Share for Convincing the Skeptics : While automotive business owners frequently engage in chats for convincing the difficult customer, the VeriShow platform offers a solution by combining chat facilities with powerful content-sharing tools. The business representative can use the offline tool to share documents online.
  • Live Personal Assistance : While online customer representatives interact with customers in person via text chat, video chat, or phone, they have the additional facility to share documents online, then browse them online with co-browsing tool, so that they can explain specific models, features, post-sales services, or buying procedures, or some comparison data to puzzled customers.
  • Safe Customer Engagements : Although during an online business dealing, the automotive business representative can receive personal information like addresses, IDs from the customer, or can help the customer to complete online payment procedures, all customer transactions are “masked” and the site representative does not have access to any customer window or popup.
  • Universal Compatibility : VeriShow, a SaaS platform—along with the chat, co-browsing, and the tool to share documents online, is completely independent of hardware platforms including Android and Apple devices.

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