What Can Cobrowsing Software Offer to the 2015 Real-Estate Industry?

In 2015, the Three Major Real-Estate Industry Tech Trends have been identified as:

  • Increased use of mobile platform for virtual home shopping among the young population.propositions, as well as product offering in order to build trust with these savvy new-vehicle shoppers.
  • The rise of e-recording technologies among title companies and closing agents for easy communication with lenders, buyers, and sellers; and for process management.
  • Growth of sharp imaging tools for capturing property details.

With the optimum use of technology, the real-estate sector is gearing up for more customer-centric service delivery.

On one hand, the construction businesses use technology to close the gap between their construction sites and the office cubicles of managers. With the rapidly improving global economy, both the home buyers’ and home sellers’ markets are beginning to look up. In the real-estate agencies, both home buyers and sellers are using technology to their advantages.

In the recent times, wireless technology has transformed the way real-estate agents do business. Technology has not replaced the invaluable real-estate agents, but only put powerful tools in their hands to enhance their service experience. Moreover, the mobile platform is gaining increasing popularity among buyers, sellers, and real-estate agents by opening up flexible mobile practices.

In Real Estate and Mobile Technology, the author observes that increasingly, mobile technologies are being by both property buyers and real-estate agents to view and locate suitable property listings on the Internet and then interacting via the virtual teleconferencing systems on need basis.

VeriShow Platform with Cobrowsing Software:

The Ultimate Experience in Mobile Home Shopping

  • A typical scenario:Real-estate agent takes a customer call, chats with the customer and decides it will be easier to discuss the enquiry using video chat as the issue is complex. Then she extends the chat session with co-browsing tool to co-browse listings of open properties together with the customer.
  • Technology for young property buyers :  As a substantial portion of real-estate customers are young and tech savvy, the VeriShow chat with integrated co-browsing that make the virtual property touring experience worthwhile.
  • Real estate services delivered in the living room :The best part of VeriShow is that remote real-estate agents can deliver excellent services right into the living rooms of prospective buyers. The chat facility with integrated cobrowsing software and content sharing technology can take care of the whole process from property tour and identification to exchanging documents and closing deals.
  • Less legwork for buyers, sellers, and agents :The VeriShow platform does not claim to remove the traditional real-estate business model, but it only empowers the agent, the buyer, and the seller with more efficient tools to manage the process without physical travelling.
  • Virtual pre-selection of properties : The home buyers, who cannot visit a destination location for home search, can get 90% or even 100% of the buying process completed from afar through technologies like VeriShow’s co-browsing software.

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