Buy & Sell Real Estate Properties via Web based Video Chat

Imagine if a home could be waiting to welcome you at a new location without you stepping your foot there? The best part of technology is that it affords remote property search without physically being in a location. Thus, the young population constantly on the move favors this method of property search a great deal. Today, almost 90% of property buyers search, review, and short-list properties within the comfort of their favorite locations at any time of the day and night, even before any physical visit.

The current analysis of the impact of technology in the real-estate sector has been reported in The Impending Opportunity on Real-Estate Technology. According to this Tech Crunch article, The National Association of Realtors is considered the largest, global trade association with 1.25 million members, around 3 million real-estate agents in the U.S., and over 120 million managed commercial properties. Thus, this ever-growing industry sector creates a huge market for technology business owners.

2014 witnessed a sudden upsurge in venture funding of real-estate technology startups, with 32 startups raising approximately $300 million. Technology has been used in this industry sector for property management, listing services, research and analytics, and capital lending activities, and now remote real-estate agents are capitalizing on technology for virtual property tours and property sales processes from start to finish.

Technology has completely reshaped the way real estate is bought, sold, or managed by real-estate agents. Technologies that support virtual tours or virtual negotiations, such as web based video chats have a promising future in the global real-estate industry.

VeriShow’s Web Based Video Chat: Tele-Shopping Solution for Property Hunters

view suitable open properties, and then provide a virtual property tour—all from the remote office! VeriShow provides a powerful combination of video chat, co-browsing, and document- or image-sharing tools, which can be used from start to finish during a property-buying process.

  • Remote tours of properties : A remote agent can navigate a buyer to a site and co-browse listings and even offer virtual tours of selected properties through video presentations and sharp images.
  • Virtual access to specifications of properties : The real-estate agent can utilize co-browsing and content sharing tools with VeriShow web based video chat to share and discuss the details of specific properties and even compare the details of several properties.
  • Property pre-selection without physical visits : As almost 90% property buyers today prefer the virtual mode for selecting or buying a property, the online real-estate market opens up challenging selling opportunities for the remote real-estate agents.
  • Teleconferencing between multiple stakeholders : During the property busying process, the remote agent can easily set up a series of teleconferencing sessions between buyer and seller, buyer and lender, buyer and appraiser to conclude each phase of the process.